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Arshan Corporal

Command Tier 1

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown and NovaCandy.


A recent re-introduction to the Arshan ranking system, Corporals act as team leaders and intermediaries between Sergeant and Privates.

Rank Abbv Name
1-0 CCP Cadet Corporal
1-1 JCP Corporal, Junior
1-2 CPL Corporal
1-3 SCP Corporal, Senior
1-4 CPF Corporal First Class

Not originally part of the Command Tier system, the Corporal rank was recently re-added to the Arshan military's roster. The Trizinov proposed the rank to cover some instances of Privates being given team leadership in units. The intended purpose of a Corporal is the leadership of a small three to four man team under the command of a Sergeant. In practice, Corporal ranks are also assigned to pilots or commanders of multi-crew vehicles of a Sergeant-led unit. Not all units make use of the Corporal rank.



Qualifications for the rank of Corporal can vary widely from unit to unit. In many cases, the position is applied by a Sergeant or Lieutenant as needed for the team. Generally, a desire to lead and experience are the only actual requirements for selection by a superior.



The Corporal rank is applied to Privates that are granted an ongoing or permanent role of team leadership. While not every unit utilizes this rank, it commonly serves this purpose. Promotion to Corporal generally is without ceremony and can sometimes even be assigned in the field without any insignia to go with if the situation calls for it.

Corporals, like Privates, encompass a wide range of roles throughout the Federation's military. Some examples include:

  • Fireteam leaders within a squad
  • Pilots of multi-crew craft, i.e. transports or attackers
  • Crew commanders for vehicles that don't operate as individual units


The duties of a Corporal are similar to that of a Sergeant but at a smaller scale. The first and foremost duty of a Corporal is to ensure their superiors' orders are executed to the best of their ability. As the first leadership rank, a Corporal is also expected to delegate instructions to their team members and lead by example. Many Corporals find themselves acting as a Private that has a handful of personnel answering to them.



While other ranks can have a wide variety of responsibilities, the Corporal rank is relatively straightforward. Every Corporal is essentially still a Private, just with the added burden of leading a small team. Generally, this translates to the following additional responsibilities:

  • Relaying instructions from their Sergeant to their subordinates.
  • Leading their team when separated from the rest of the group.
  • Making quick tactical decisions as needed when their Sergeant is unavailable.
  • Keeping their Sergeant informed of their team's status.

Uniform Insignia

Arshan Rank Insignia - Corporal by Sierra Brown

Similar to Private, Corporals have no rank insignia. However, they do have a color applied to their uniform shoulders: Cyan. In practice, even this uniform coloration isn't always present, only used for long-term, permanent Corporal billets.


Removal or Dismissal

In their current state, Corporal ranks are usually rescinded after the end of an operation or last throughout the personnel's military deployment to a unit. However, Corporals can also lose their status if they fail to lead their team to a satisfactory standard. Corporals who have their rank stripped are generally returned back to Private, but in some cases, can have more severe punishments.

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