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Osler Van Ross


Arrival in Roseport
The details of Van Ross' origins are largely unknown, he has admitted himself that he does not like to discuss his humble beginnings. What is known, is that he hails from the eastern border of Heldrin, and likely grew up in the mining community of High Kragg where his family worked as miners in the surrounding mountains. However, we do know that Osler Van Ross arrived in Roseport only a few short years ago, back then he had barely enough money to rent a simple apartment in the Long Leaf district of town.   Within a few short months, however, he had scraped together enough money to begin renting a nicer apartment in the Mariposa district, a step closer to his lofty goals of wealth and life amongst the influential. Around this time he also began to spend more time looking at potential investments and ways to increase his coffers. He would spend days walking up and down an entire district, mapping out empty shops, struggling taverns, or run-down buildings. He had a clear intention to begin his investments in poorer neighbourhoods, especially Olde Crowe and Lamphouse.  
Investments and Growing Status
Soon enough, Van Ross had acquired enough money to begin making small investments. Like he planned he began in Olde Crowe, Roseports poorest and most derelict district. He purchased a few smaller run-down buildings at a much-reduced cost, as the former owners had absconded the properties, releasing them back to the city for sale. He would repair these the best he could, and then rent them out to lower-income families at a cheaper rental cost. Enticing people to rent his newly renovated spaces over the often foul buildings they were used to living in.    Now that Van Ross had a steady stream of income he could expand his sights, he began to invest in small businesses that were struggling and offering them loans in exchange for a small stake in their company and small returns of investment on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The response to this offer was immense and Van Ross soon had stakes in dozens of different shops across the city. Van Ross would make the majority of his burgeoning fortune off of deals like this and would become a trusted businessman in the city, as he never harassed shops he had invested in for late payments or low sales. Instead, if he saw a business struggling he would invest more time and money into figuring out how to increase their profitability. And if they were to go out of business anyways, he would buy their shop and the building if available outright, and reinvest it into a different venture.   After months of work, Osler Van Ross would own dozens of buildings, and have investments in just as many shops and businesses, becoming one of the most affluent businessmen in all of Roseport in less than two years.  
Rise to Nobility and Invasion of Duke Cross
His sudden rise as a popular businessman in town soon garnered him the attention of the wealthy and affluent. Van Ross would soon receive invitations to dine and cavort with two of Roseports most well-known socialites, Flora Jezelbit and Lorne Rolfie. Both of these individuals would become close personal friends and partners of Van Ross. Eventually, these connections and his rise to prominence would allow him to accomplish a long-standing goal, to purchase property in the affluent neighbourhood of Iona. He would soon own a large estate only a few doors down from Flora Jezelbit, and only a short walk from Lorne Rolfie's famous clothing shop, The Golden Fleece.   As Van Ross's wealth and personal status grew, so did his influence in the court. One of Van Ross's close business partners also happened to be the man that approved each and every land and building lease in the city, including those that Van Ross purchased. This connection helped Van Ross begin to make political ties, and would eventually lead to his granting of a noble title. Though shortly after being granted this honour the arrival of Duke Cross threw the whole town into chaos. Duke Cross, a now-former Royal Regent of Heldrin, was sent to the city by King Thadeus Telvour VIII, to clean up the city after a streak of high-level thefts by the now-famous thief the Golden Mask. This included an item from the King's personal collection, and whos theft would give the Golden Mask his namesake, The Veil of the Golden Pass.   However, during this time Van Ross would spend much of the Duke's reign away from the city, having slipped out before the Duke could completely take over. Van Ross says that he was able to attain travel to Culdaer, a small resort town in the north of Aldelgis, for himself and his future wife Lacey. There they lied low, avoiding much of the damage done by Duke Cross. However, when word of how vile Duke Cross had been reached the pair, they could not help but return to their beloved city and do what they could to help fight against the Duke.    Osler Van Ross and Lacey Larcoga Fentina would only spend a few short months back in Roseport before the Golden Mask, once thief, now revolutionary, rallied the city together and defeated Duke Cross and his men. King Thadeus Telvour VIII would arrive in Roseport shortly after receiving word and proof of Duke Cross' vile acts, and would immediately declare Duke Cross a traitor to the nation, stripping him of his titles and land before incarcerating him in the prisons of Sumner. King Thadeus Telvour VIII, would decree that all property and wealth seized by the Duke would return to their rightful owners and that a new city council would be installed to ensure proper rule was reestablished.  
Role as Councilman
The new council was formed shortly before the king left, ensuring that the ruler of Heldrin approved of their members. This new council would be comprised of Flora Jezelbit, Lorne Rolfie, Mort Trenton, Lacey Larcoga Fentina and Osler Van Ross. In less than four years, Osler Van Ross went from a new arrival with barely any coins in his pockets to one of the most powerful individuals in all of Roseport.   And while he now held official power in the city, none could argue that over the last few years he had already made a huge influence on the city from a more subtle position. There are even those that believe that Van Ross has had ties to the thieving community ever since his arrival in town, and has used those connections to pull the strings of the city for years. Some even argue that he has close connections with the Golden Mask himself, and helped him in secret during the reign of Duke Cross. And in return for his assistance, the Golden Mask used his favour, granted to him by the king for his service in deposing the duke, to place Van Ross on the council.   Osler Van Ross now helps to run the city of Roseport alongside the other councillors, though he has not stopped investing and has recently begun working on his largest endeavour yet. Van Ross has purchased land from the crown just south of the border of Aldelgis and intends on building a trading community where he hopes to strengthen relations with the reclusive empire to the north. And hopefully, make himself an even large fortune in the process.
Osler Van Ross may seem like your run of the mill nobleman, one who arrived in Roseport seeking riches and power, and through his own grit and determination found just that. But there is more than meets the eye with Osler Van Ross, and he holds many more secrets than most are aware.
Current Location
Date of Birth
14th of Tevrous
Year of Birth
718 EoC 40 Years old
High Kragg
Current Residence
Iona District
Aligned Organization
Meeting His Wife
Osler Van Ross and Lacey Larcoga Fentina would first meet when Van Ross entered the Roseport Central Library in search of documents related to a recent land purchase. Lacey was the attending researcher that day and agreed to help him find his documents. Van Ross was smitten immediately and returned numerous times over the next few weeks attempting to woo Fentina.    Eventually, the Fentina agreed to go out on a date with Van Ross, and the rest is history. The two would become inseparable partners, helping each other with all of their personal and unified endeavours. With Fentina acting as Van Ross' guiding light and grounding, taking a once sullen man and turning him into a more careful and kind-hearted soul.   The two would be married in a grand ceremony in the gardens of the Roseport Library, just outside where they first meet. The two live in their large estate in the Iona District and have just found out that they are expecting their first child.  
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Character Portrait image: Portrait by Taylor Lee


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Jul 29, 2020 18:11 by Caitlin Phillips

Osler van Ross sounds like a fascinating person. Does he have many enemies within the traditional Roseport ruling elite? The love story between him and Lacey is beautifully written. Their marriage ceremony sounds so idyllic.

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He used to have many many enemies in the traditional Roseport ruling class, but a lot of things changed when he and his close associates took over the council. There is so much more to this character than what is written here, along with Lacey, Flora, Lorne, and other important figures in Roseport. Hoping to one day get it all out there. Osler has a lot of secrets haha, mind you so does Lacey haha.