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Apartment Dwellings of Roseport

The rich live in grand manors that loom over them from the Iona district, the poor and working-class of Roseport live in crammed in small cheap dwellings. Stuffed into much poorer and busier districts like Lamphouse or Market. Limited space and expensive rent mean that the people of the city must often live in uncomfortable, noisy, and cramped apartments.   These apartments are commonly housed by several families and are often found on the second and third floors of businesses. Or in multi-floored apartment complexes. Anyone who owns their home or lives in a single occupant rental home is considered fortunate.
Two common examples of Apartment Dwellings in Roseport.

Apartment above a business
A small one-roomed apartment above a busy pub. A separate entrance to this second-floor apartment can be accessed via an outdoor staircase on the side of the building. It has an old rusty lock, easily lockpicked by any roaming thief if they knew anything of worth laid inside. Through the door lies the apartment, comprised of one claustrophobic room. Sitting in each corned are the required amenities of life here. A closet pantry, a desk, a wardrobe, and a bed. No more than three or four people can stand in this space comfortably.
The resident of this abode must use the indoor stairway down to the pub's main floor if he or she wishes to use the washroom. No kitchen or fire is available in the apartment. The hearth in the pub's bar heats the building, including the apartment above. And if in need of a kitchen, the resident must use the pubs, though if the kitchen staff is dealing with a rush then they are out of luck and must wait. It is not the most convenient abode, but it is one of the cheaper options available in the city. Commonly found in districts like Lamphouse or Shortleaf
He walked down the street, weary from a long nights work. His arms sagging at his sides as he practically dragged himself home. As he approached the pub he could hear the loud rabble of the drunkards inside. It was nearly one in the morning he guessed, his night seemingly won't be a quiet one. He sighed heavily, bypassing the pubs front door he instead climbed a short set of stairs the led to a separate entrance on the buildings second floor. His slid his key into the doors lock, he heard the old tumblers of the lock creaking with age before releasing.   He swung the door open and entered his apartment, it was dark and smelled of old wood and stale beer. As he stepped inside he shut the door behind him, he flipped the lock back with a quick snap. He could still hear the drunkards yelling and arguing below him, only slightly muffled by the wooden floor beneath him. This was his home, cramped, dark, and noisesome. But it provided shelter and the pub's owner gave him a good price and the occasional meal. He couldn't complain, prices in Roseport weren't kind so he was thankful for what he had. He walked the short distance to his bed and flopped down onto it without bothering to change. He had to work in the morning anyway. He laid there staring at the dusty ceiling, hoping some rest would find him despite all the noise below.

Apartment Building
A multi-floored apartment building, with six floors and two dozen compact one to two-bedroom apartments. While still small they are much nicer and less boisterous than the single-roomed apartment found above the pub. The building itself is wedged in between several other apartment buildings, each of similar size and number of apartments. Together they form large blocks of apartments, interconnected with alleyways and connecting rooves.
These apartments usually come equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, and if you are lucky a tiny living area. While this sounds like a decent amount of space everything is still quite squished together, offering little space between amenities. This is a common dwelling for those that work in the cities inner districts including the Central Library and Market districts.
She pushed past the growing throng of people crowding the streets leading towards her apartment. It was late afternoon and her shift at the library was ending, and much like the rest of these people, she was trying to get home. Finally, she broke past the wave of chattering citizens and stumbled towards the front door of her apartment complex. She brushed herself off with a relieved sigh and reached for the door. She entered into the lobby of the building, a tiny space with an uncomfortable-looking sofa and a few dying plants scattered about. On the far end of the room was a stairway that led up to the apartments. She began her climb, working her way upwards, passing through several floors of homes. There were six floors of apartments in this building, her abode was on the fourth. She guessed there were roughly two dozen close-packed apartments here, all of them occupied. It was a busy neighbour and housing was difficult to find. She didn't even want to think about her rent, it was near twice the cost of her last apartment.   When she finally reached her door she reached into her satchel and produced a shiny brass key and unlocked the door with a thud. Her apartment was modest, but it had everything she needed. The main room had a nice fireplace, a kitchenette, and a desk seated right in front of a long window that looked down to the bustling street below. Off to the side of the room was an open doorway that led to her bedroom, sadly it was only big enough to house a single bed and a wardrobe that had barely fit through the doorway of the room. With an audible groan of relief, she slumped her satchel down on a nearby table and seated herself at the desk near the window. Work was technically over but she still had a lot to do before she could relax. She opened up a drawer and retrieved a stack of papers, a pen and some ink and began writing.
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