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The Republic of Farenguard

The Republic is the center of the continent, as well as being the one of the richest and the the most comfortable place to live. Additionally because it's so easy the people here don't have many special skills except being more educated and knowing more about magic items. The Republic does have a more variety of people however most are human. Although most of the people are pretty average they have a well renowned smith in Halo. The capital of the continent happens to be in the Republic, this place being Farenguard, being the name of the continent. The province has a few famous Paladins, mages, and other adventurers in its time, The Republic is also known for its famous Criminal takeover that started in blackout and lasted for over 50 years before the Republic were strong enough to resist them. The Republic is also home to Halo’s famous homemade beer. The Republic is also home to the river of fate which gets its name because of the magical phenomena and unexplained things the river can do. The terrain of the Republic is mainly plains and forest in the north, some forest in the south with the start of the jungle in the extreme south, and mountains in the west that go all the way up the Helm District.


Farenguard is lead by a monarch and its lords. The government imposes taxes to improve and upkeep the military along with many laws to keep the province in order. Especially after the recent attempt at taking over Farenguard by the Crimson Shadows the laws and taxes have gone up.


Farenguard has the largest army out of any other province single handedly and has the most money devoted to keep it this way. Farenguards army of not only great but it has many defenses and is home to 'The Knights of the Red Sun' and 'The Dawnguard' that Farenguard may try and call on if the time is right.

Industry & Trade

Farenguard has many resources it is able to sell to other provinces, it is able to sell wheat and vegetables to the north as the further north you go the harder it is to farm, and they sell iron to the south as they are tribal and don't mine much for their government. They do not sell their steel as they use it to improve themselves, the sale of steel outside or ownership if not from Farenguard is illegal.


The Republic most important asset is Mount Molte, a mountain so hot and full of iron that it creates a sharper and harder material named steel. Some other assets include Farenguards smiths, its large population and money and the proudness of its people.

Guilds and Factions

Farenguard holds many factions and guilds including; Knights of The Red Sun, Crimson Shadows, The Dawnguard, and Erikson's Illuminators

Points of interest

The Republic of Farenguard of home to the supervolcano in Farenguard, it is called Mount Molte


Farenguard has a milf climate, it is not too hot or cold. The weather is extremely confortable and perfect for farming.

Natural Resources

Farenguard has lots of Iron, gems, farmland for wheat and vegetables, fish, and much more. ALthough its most notable recourse is called Steel and comes from Mount Molte.
Founding Date
Farenguard has dated back as far as history is recorded however the Republic came after a civil war that began [1E]
Alternative Name(s)
Farenguard, The Republic
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