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Crimson Shadows

The Crimson Shadows is a thieves guild that people can pay to quite obviously thieve, the guild however isn't just a thieves guild they are a guild that wants to reduce law to almost nothing making a criminal empire, which they had succeeded once in year 50(1E). The guild does not kill unless they feel it will help them and there is no other choice, but will not accept money by the population to kill as that's the “silent brotherhoods” job. The members of this guild stay in the shadows to be unseen so that the guild can prosper and when they get strong enough they will make their empire again. The guild has a code, or guild law and has a saying to identify other members.


  • Nobody can truly own something, what was once yours is also mine
  • Like a shadow I am and I am not, trust in the darkness
  • Typical Quests

    Any quest that has to do with stealing, sometimes a kill quest if it's to help the guild. Sometimes you are sent to find ancient guild artifacts.  

    Crimson Code

    "Mercy befalls the blind."
    To which one responds "The blind are truly merciful."


    The Crimson Shadows do not have an organized structure besides their leader which is called typically known as the Grand thief however no role is officially attached to it


    The Thieves guild of Farenguard culture is made up of rules; 'fend for yourself', ' nothing is truly yours', and ' A lawless world is a free world', with these 'laws' the guild constructs a type of respect amongst thieves and a code in a way. Although the thieves guild wants a lawless world they don't believe in murder as they think it should be done professionally by the Silent Brotherhood.

    Public Agenda

    The Crimson Shadows want to once again gain power in the Republic of Farenguard and maybe someday once agai nthe enitrety of the continent


    The Crimson Shadows greatest asset is likely to be its giant treasury collected upon over era and secondly its fence and people that can teach almost any skill for a cost.


    The Crimson Shadow has a history of attempting to take over Farengaurd.   Its most recent attempt was in 67[1E] when the leader 'Vorn' had attempted to begin a takeover, when he found a group of adventurers capable enough to keep his plans true he adopted them under his arm sending them to do silent takeovers. The party had succeeded in the takeover of Blackout, Starwork Harbour, Keenland Harbour, and Embergate by slowly gaining strength within thieves or government and taking over. However when the party had moved on to Mournwork  they had had a vision of a demon during their travels, the demon had overpowered the party and one of the members arch memisis, the champion of Asmodeus, appeared and finished them off then the vision ended. The party had made the rest of the was to Mournwork and began their process when they had encountered a tieflind by the name of Vradrin. They had all recognized him from their vision and pulled out their weapons to defeat him but the champion of Asmodeus would not be defeated so easily, with his blessings granted by his God the champion decimated the party leaving their bodies laying in the streets. Without the parties help to boost the guilds efforts the Crimson Shadows were slowly pushed back and by 70[1E] Blackout was taken back by Farenguard and Vorn was executed sending the faction once again into hiding where they still remain.


    The Crimson Shadows believe all lows below murder should not exist and that society should be lawless with all people accepted and all people free.

    Now you see us

    The Crimson Shadow has existed before 1E and is not recorded when they first began - They were last defeated in 79[1E] but will likely return someday

    Guild, Thieves
    Alternative Names
    The Criminal Empire
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Autonomous area
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    Due to the fact that the faction believes in thievery the faction or empire does not truly have a currency. Instead they trade resources and jobs, or they simply steal. Although they don't have a currency the guild is renowned for its use of rings to show respect and payment.    

    Thieves Guild Rings


    Ring meaning

    When you give someone a ring it means you are thankful for something they did, proud of them, have appreciation, respect or many other things. When you give a ring there are different tiers, the most common being the copper, silver, gold, and sometimes gold.      

    Accepting a ring

    accepting a ring means you accept their thanks or the reason they gave it to you.  

    Unaccepting a ring

    unnecepting a ring can just be seen as disrespectful or even seen as saying you don't need their thanks or whatever the reason the ring was given for, however not accepting a ring could also mean that in a good way you don't need their thanks because they did it cause there a friend and don't need a ring for them to do it.  

    Wearing a ring

    Wearing a ring shows a great amount of respect for whoever's ring you are wearing, keeping the ring shows respect but not even close to this level. Wearing the ring shows appreciation and respect for the person who gave it to you, this could also mean you find them, or the memory of the reason the ring was given to you, important. Displaying a ring is somewhat the same but slightly less due to the reason that u can store more than you can wear on your fingers.  

    Selling a ring

    Selling a ring given to you is outright disrespectful, showing that you dont care at all about the rings meaning or that person at all. Throwing away, or getting rid of a ring would be the same thing. This does not include displaying or storing the ring  

    Copper Ring

    This is a ring that is given to any other member, even though it means the same amount of appreciation it shows where you stand in the guild or place where it's used. A copper ring is given to someone who is of less worth to you, and is given as a sign of pride, appreciation, thankfulness, and other things.  

    Silver Ring

    A silver ring is given to someone that is of the same rank of you, or to you have the same level of worth.  

    Gold Ring

    A gold ring is given to someone of higher rank or respect than you, you would also give this to someone that you respect a lot, such as a friend.  

    Diamond Ring

    This ring is one only given to a guild master or guild leader  

    Platinum Ring

    A platinum ring is given to someone that is respected a lot, and is like a hero to the guild, only the guild master, or a guild leader can give this ring, being given this ring is the second highest ring you can get and having it shows that you are an amazing member and should be looked at like a role model to the guild  

    Adamantine or Mythril Ring

    This ring means the most respect and honor to whoever gets it, you must have accomplished something amazing to get this ring as it's the rarest of them all and only one has ever been given. The only person that can give this ring is a guild master, this does not include guild leaders of different town/city branches of the guild.      

    Special Rings

    Bone Ring

    Thanks to someone who helped you or saved you during battle, this is often made with an enemies or a great enemies bone, but in rare occasions their own bone is used.  

    Gifted weapon

    A gifted weapon is the same as a ring, sometimes even considered better but symbolizes strength and trust or respect in a person. When you get a weapon it is tradition to try and kill something “stronger” than you or an enemy with it to show off your strength and honor.


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