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Farenguard (Fair-en-guard)

Farenguard is the capital of the Republic, it is one of the oldest cities of the continent and the richest. Farenguard dates back before the civil war and its walls have never been taken. The city is semi-diverse with a collection of more common races of the continent although the rarer races are not always welcomed. The capital alligns itself with the Dawnguard and stations them to try and find and outlaw the aberations and creatures that may hide within the city. Farenguard is a proud and amazing place for its people it is a city open for oppurtunity.


Farenguard is a fairly diverse city that calls home to many people. Although the population is mostly Human many elves, dwarves lives there with a smaller mi of orcs nd dragonborn. Farenguard also calls home to a smaller group of shifters, changlings, and dopplegangers. Each of the smaller species tend to live and stick together living in the same area of the city, especially the aberations whome tend to live amongst another race, live in the shadows or take over the lif of soemone else and live it for them.


The government of Farenguard is led by the Republic . The town because it is the capital is home the High King of Farenguard who rules the province. Farenguard is a bery orderly and proud place, many of the people follow the law however there is some trouble within the Orc and some Dragonborn communities.


Farenguard has its city guards and the army of the republic at its hands, its walls are higher and strong and its defensives even stronger. Farenguard has never been directly taken over and is etremely hard to seige as it has enough food to last years.

Industry & Trade

Farenguard sells its services more then it sells its goods. Farenguard gets much of its money from taxes of the rest of the provinces and its services of the people. Farenguard also sells some of its steel every once in a while although it is extremely expensive and only the rich can get ahold of it.


Farenguard is very rich and because of this it is constantly expanding, its infrastructure is often new and well made. Farenguard has the best of the best technology for smithing and other trades, it has librarys for wizards, many guilds, shipyards, new roads and much more to offer.


High/Mid Class

Many of the people in Farenguard are mid to high class, which also tend to be human and elvish with a few dragonborn, these people are wealthy and live in the central to southern parts of farenguard towards where it is expanding, these people are very proud and stout. This district has many buissnesses and great infrastructure.  

Mid/Low Class

Many of Orcs and dragonborn of Farenguard live in the middle to low classes, many of the orcs are commonly low class, these people often live in the northern parts of town, or rather the older parts of town, where it is cheaper and more accessible. These parts of Farenguard are more prone to crime and th cities guards often do not watch over these parts due to te fear of death. Farenguards north has less businesses, or rather more savage or uncommon businesses, and has many taverns with ale and booze that seems to be much stronger than most, however it does not compare in taste to the wines and liquors of the high class.


Farengard is home to much trade and businesses, it has many valuables and equipment. Farenguard is extremely rich and is a very nice place to live in.

Guilds and Factions

Farenguard holds many guild halls. The guilds that have halls are The Knights of The Red Sun, Valens Order of The Arcane, The Rune Smiths, Erikson's Illuminators, and The Dawnguard.
Founding Date
Farenguard dates back to before the founding era as it is an ancient city


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