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The Rune Smiths

The Rune smiths are an ancient group of legendary smiths that put runes into their weapons, making some of the strongest weapons made by man. These smiths have studied runes and put magic into weapons for millennia studying the magic and runes. The Smiths sell these weapons sometimes but they sell for a lot, and can sometimes go into the hundreds of thousands, making almost nobody able to make them. For any smith to join they must accept the Oath, and to rank up they must craft their own rune weapon and battle a rune smith in a 1v1, if they lose they must hone their skills until they can win.


  • Knowledge is power
  • To fight or work, we are ready
  • Typical Quests

    They will send you to retrieve quests and kill quests, they will also make you make rune weapons or armory.


    The Rune smiths do not have a specific ranking as they are all smiths, the closest you could be is the slight difference in types of smithing. They instead work together to make the strongest armour and weapons in the realm.

    Public Agenda

    Their goal is to unlock all magical capabilities in weapons, to become rich and strong, and fight for their settlement


    The Rune smiths asset is obviously their runes, they are the best at creating and placing them in the continent and their knowledge on runes seems to be endless

    Through wisdom and strength

    Guild, Craftsmen
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Autonomous area
    Economic System
    Market economy


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