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The Helm’s north is cold getting to -30 but as you get further south it gets warmer and warmer, the terrain of the Helm consists mostly of forest and the rest being plains and a few entrances into the underdark, Helm also has mountains in its east coast. Helm consists of some of the best blacksmiths on the continent, most of the population being taught in some kind of trade, such as blacksmiths, leatherworkers, copartners, masons, and other tools that relate to these.


Helm has a typical Viking government, being jarls leading each town and one king leads the entire province, jarls can challenge a king. Each jarl pays tribute and resources, money, and warriors to the king.


Helm has a large army force, although they arnt the best equiped they are fearless and almost look forward to death, Helm also has a large navy that puts up a formitable force, helms moutains also make it harder to attack.

Industry & Trade

Helm trades alot of fish, minerals and materials and furs, they also sell slaves to some provinces and offer its peole serivces to build in other provinces.


Helm has many mines filled with gold, silver and iron, its people are extremely hardy and fearless, and its people are always inovating and creating new things. Helm shares a large human and dwarf population.

Guilds and Factions

Helm is home to the Helms rangers.


Helm is somewhat cold but has decent summers, it snows most of the year however during the summer it becomes very warm. In the winter the days are very short and in the summer days very long.

Natural Resources

Helm has many muntains to mine from and wildlife and forest to take advantage of, Helm has many materials and gems in its homeland as well.
Founding Date


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