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Helms Rangers

Helms Rangers are a group of rangers and hunters that help protect the wilderness, the rangers serve as guides in the wilderness, knowing the surrounding area of their guild like a book, they help travelers get through the wilderness and adventures find things like caves or sometimes dungeons. When not guiding they also help slay monsters put up monster bounties that the local population can take up for money. The Rangers help get rare resources for people, and serve as helping hands to druids sometimes. The Rangers also have a bounty board for evil doers such as thieves, murderers and such that people pay to have put to justice one way or another.


  • Rangers lead the way
  • We will find a way
  • Beliefs

  • Protect the forest as you protect yourself
  • The unknown is meant to be discovered
  • follow the oath, as you follow the law
  • Typical Quests

    The rangers will send you on quests to kill monsters or evil people, they will send you to guide those through the forest and guide travelers to nearby towns, you can also be sent to find magic items or map the lands.


    Listener The listener consist of 3 people, a human, an elf, and a Orc to gain every piece of culture needed. Together the three work together to discover new things and have the grand task of trying to find new continents. However the the Listeners often spend most of their time creating new outposts and managing other members.
    A Watcher is a veteran member who has professionally created many maps are varying size and detail. A Watcher is now tasked with going where nobody goes and that is deep in caves and dungeons, the highest part of mountains or volcanos, and even parts of the ocean.
    A Keeper is a member passed on from a Ranger, Keepers have some respect and say and are tasked with mapping out and discovering new things about the continent, Keepers often guide other Rangers and help them perfect their maps to make them professional. 
    A Ranger is a new member of the guild, they have no power or say, however to become a keeper they must submit their own map of a uncommon area.


    The Rangers believe in helping each other, protecting nature and preserving it. The Rangers want to map out the entirety of the Continent including; all caves and dungeons, all oceans and lakes, all mountains and cliffs, all provinces and terrain, and most importantly other islands and continents. The Rangers believe all knowledge should be shared and that we need to learn from the past, the rangers openly accept members with a small task to prove themselves. Although they are trained heavily due to the severity of their missions it is not uncommon for many Rangers to go missing, although it is hoped with their training on survival they find their way back.

    Public Agenda

    The goal of the Rangers is to discover all of the lands, and to reveal secrets about them. They want to protect the local people from wildlife, but also protect the wildlife. Although they believe in the protection of nature they also believe in the cycle of nature, additionally they sometimes want to kill the bad things of nature, only if they are harming the people though and there is no other option.


    The Helms Rangers hold a Library of knowledge under their guild hall. The knowledge contained is of maps gathered over time by the rangers, knowledge of ancient rumors and secrets, myths, stories, and some magics rejected by the Arcane Order.

    "Listening. Watching"



    The law is paramount. It is the mortar that holds the stones of civilization together, and it must be respected.


    Be responsible for your Actions and their consequences, protect those entrusted to your care, and obey those who have just authority over you.
    Founding Date
    The Rangers have been founded as long as anyone can remember with its earliest records being as early as 75[FE]
    Guild, Adventuring
    Alternative Names
    The Rangers


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