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Erikson's Illuminators

The order follows a hierarchy of command that consists of five ranks. In order from lowest ranking to highest ranking, these are Dawnseeker, Lightbringer, Shadebreaker, Illuminator, and Lord-Illuminator. Dawnseekers are the newly inducted who passed their trials to join the order. Lightbringers generally serve as captains who are put in charge of squads of Dawnseekers. Shadebreakers act as lieutenants who oversee various operations and deployments to ensure they go as planned. Illuminators serve as the generals of the order, serving directly under the order's grandmaster; the Lord-Illuminator. Goals. Preserve the goodness of the realm and attempt to redeem the evils of the land; failing that they eliminate them.


  • Nobody is truly evil, everyone can change for the good
  • The shadow is the greatest teacher on how to come to the light
  • Typical Quests

    The Illuminators will often have you finding evil creatures, checking out rumours of devils or demons, finding ancient secrets or artefacts from their factions and the such.


    Lord-Illuminator The Lord-Illuminator is Leif Erikson, their immortal king. Leif Erikson is a redeemed Viking from the north or at one time was an Evil person but had redeemed themselves and created the order to stop evil and to help people like himself become better.
    An Illuminator is a general of the order, they spend their time on real threats, secretly observe the breaks of rifts in the world and observe them and try and learn how they are made, the Illuminators take all their data to the Lord-Illuminator who then gives parts of it to the Shadebreakers to make plans out of.
    Shadebreakers are the captains of the order and spend their time planning for invasions of demons and the such an d getting Lightbringers to practice these plans in case they are needed, the Shadebreakers also take in quests from other provinces and approve them if they are completable or worth the orders while.
    Lightbringers are the sergeants of the order and train the new Dawnseekers until the are ready to fend themselves, he often send groups of them on missions or go with them on harder tasks as their leader.
    Dawnseekers are new members to the order, they spend most of their time training and following their orders from Lightbringers. Sometimes Dawnseekers are those trying to redeem themselves and get extra support to keep them on the path.


    The Illuminators are a very orderly and strong organization made to destroy evil and redeem it through the flames, although the Illuminators have some racialists most of them are pretty neutral. The faction is very hardy and strong, they think they are the best and are very proud of their abilities

    Public Agenda

    Preserve the goodness of the realm and attempt to redeem the evils of the land; failing that they eliminate them.


    Eriksson's Illuminators were left with an exorbitant sum of coin by their leader, as well as a massive fortified keep that possessed a fully-stocked armoury. The Illuminators generally favour the use of heavy arms and armour. Their main keep, the Bastion of the Flame, has a number of special defenses as well as a rookery of griffons which are used by high ranking warriors as mounts

    Redemption through the flames, prosperity through the ashes




    Change takes time. Those who have walked the path of the wicked must be given reminders to keep them honest and true. Once you have planted the seed of righteousness in a creature, you must work day after day to allow it to survive and then flourish.


    Your heart and mind must stay clear, for eventually you will be forced to admit defeat. While every creature can be redeemed, some are so far along the path of evil that you have no choice but to end their lives for the greater good. Any such action must be carefully weighed and the consequences fully understood, but once you have made the decision, follow through with it knowing your path is just.
    Founding Date
    Religious, Holy Order
    Alternative Names
    The Redeemers, Erikson's Legion, Dawnbringers
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Dependent territory
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    Bastion of The Flame


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