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Knights of The Red Sun

These knights are those who protect the weak, and keep the strong, stronger. These knights promise to protect all, and put an end to all evils. The Knights of The Red Sun have been around forever, their original job was to protect the emperor but then they moved to also protecting the people. Anyone who joins must take an oath to the continent and its people. To the Knights of The Red Sun, your fellow nights were your brothers and sisters.


  • always follow the oath
  • Never Betray your family, and especially never your king.

  • Typical Quests

    They will send you to protect carriages, settle legal disputes, protect higher ups, get magical items or artifacts, and other such missions.


    The King leads the entire nation to victory giving out orders from their Lords that then dispatch the commands to the different forts of the faction.
    The Lords lead a fort of knights at a fort and take orders from their king to develop plans of attack and diplomacy in order to complete their goals.
    Commanders lead a company of knights under a Lord, the Commander trains and organizes their company in the eyes of their Lord to fit a certain task or skill. Commanders typically spend more time with their company in order to create a bond with their troops so they can be at their most efficiency.
    A Knight is a trained and lasting member of the faction, Knights are trained to fight, support, strategize, and to respect and devout themselves to their Lord and King.
    A Dike is a new member of the faction, most often a Dike trains under a Knight and it is the Knights responsibility to make sure their Dike fits in and meets standard, if successful and Knight can possibly become a Commander with their Dike taking their place.


    The knights are lead by their Lord or Lady and above them the king, and divide themselves amongst in groups called a company. The knights are very orderly and live to serve and devout their souls to the king. The knights are harshly trained to be efficient and precise with their weapons and minds, the knights are known to be proud and broad.

    Public Agenda

    Their goal is to protect the people, and to end poverty. During war their goal is to protect the king and win the war in his name, for king and country. However they have these small and broad goals the knights want to achieve one thing especially, they want to go back to the past, back to the empire. The knights of The Red Sun want to unite Farenguard under one power and create the empire it once was.


    The knights are supported by the Republic of Farenguard, the most populated and rich province in Farenguard, and due to this have many weapons, ships, forts and money. Most of the factions resources are mid tier, although it is not the best it is a force to fight.

    In service to One, in service to All


    You must be willing to do what needs to be done for the sake of order, even in the face of overwhelming odds. If you don't act, then who will?
    Aid others, protect the weak, and punish those who threaten them. Show mercy to your foes, but temper it with Wisdom.
    Founding Date
    Military, Knightly Order
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Power Structure
    Economic System
    Palace economy


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