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There is not much to know about Velex as they mostly keep to themselves, due to this they have become amazing fishermen and their military has an amazing navy, being the best in the land. The Velex is home to a very well known military strategist who has never been beaten. He fought in many battles in the Great Civil war, winning many for Farenguard. When it became obvious that Farenguard was to lose the war he switched sides and joined Velex, claiming the island for the people.


Velex is a Stratocracy and therefor lead by military leaders, all taxes go to the military and because of this Velex has the greatest navy in all of Farenguard and a strong army with it.


Not only is Velex an island kingdom but they have the greatest navy that defends its shores. All children of Velex must serve for at least two years before they can move on. Every citizen of Velex is to carry a weapon and to be trained on how to use one. It is because of this that crime is extremely low and Velex would be extremely hard to attack because not only would it be hard to get into the province in the first place but its people would show great resistance.

Industry & Trade

Velex makes an industry by inviting many of Farenguards strongest warriors to its school to learn. Gladiators are also very common in Velex which brings in lots of income because other provinces and tribes send men to compete in the yearly competition of warriors.


Velex has many assets including its grand schools and treasures gained from the great civil war.


The climate tends to be warm however storms are very common throughout the year, Velex does not get snow
Founding Date


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