Iori Ru'Hadi

The Hero of Thieves

"it takes a lot to impress Sand Bandit, but you my friend, have earned my respect. My gang and I owe you a great debt for what you'vew done for out village."
Iori was a young elf from from A'ramel Alshiu, once a gang leader for the Bandits of the Silent Sands, she later turned a new leaf to serve the Goddess Knights.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Iori was a Desert Elf with dark skin and large ears. She was on the tall side and had a fairly athletic build. He androgynous face, broad shoulders and flat chest made it easy for her to disguise herself as a man, which she did frequently. She had long pale blue hair that she kept in a ponytail with her bangs hanging across on side of her face.


To hide her identity, Iori was infamous for cross dressing as a man, taping down her chest with bandages and covering her face with a scarf or mask. She wears a tattered cape with a long neck that she can pull over her face. She wears loose tan trousers and leather bracers and boots. One some missions she'll also wear leather armor, but most of the time she goes with out.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Iori was born to an impoverished family in A'Harat, at a young age her family was killed to gang violence and she lived on the streets since the age of 9. At 14 years old she decided to join the Sand Bandits, a large organization of thieves and bandits, to earn a bit of money.   Iori spend years following orders and working up the ranks. To hide her identity she donned a male persona with the pseudonym "Shyamal" and would cover up any explicitly feminine traits. Iori spent her days doing missions. She was fine with stealing, robbery, even threatening people who got out of line, but she hated the idea of hurting or killing innocents, and after enough times of her refusing hit jobs, the boss set a hit out for her.   In retaliation, Iori sought out the boss and challenged him to a fight. He lost and was killed on the spot, making Iori the new boss at 19 years old. Her first order of business was to change the Bandit's code, so that murdering innocents was a punishable offense.  

The Goddess Knights

One afternoon, the Goddess Knights would be traveling the Alshiun desert by caravan. Iori was watching the caravan, with her crew, with the intention of robbing it, when a rogue gang of bandits got the jump on the caravan first. The Knights were outnumbered and surrounded. The bandits were prepared to kill all of them and loot the caravan later, that's when Iori stepped in.   With the help of Iori's gang, the knights were able to dispose of the bandits. Sarah, their leader, expressed her gratitude and surpise that a fellow criminal would aid the Empire like that. Iori informed Sarah of her feelings of senseless murder and that she had heard of the Knights before and respected their cause.   After the Knights dealt with a demon problem that was plaguing the village, they were stopped on their way out by Iori, who told Sarah she was interested in joing the Knights and that her gang would be loyal to them as well. Sarah accepted the offer and made Iori an official Knight. Over the next 9 years, Iori stayed true to her word and remained loyal to the Knights, becoming a very important and reliable member on the team.   However that would change during the battle of Onford, where the Knights would be overwhelmed by the strength of the demons they faced. While paired up with Jérémie, they would be surrounded by shades. Iori was knocked off the island cliff, and Jérémie leaped to catch her, only barely doing so by extending his arm and pulling it out of the socket.   While he was trying to pull Iori up, he was attacked by another shade, which severed his arm, dropping Iori. Jérémie lept off the the cliff, using the blood from his arm to cling to the rock. But Iori was falling too fast for him to catch up, and he was eventually stopped by the limits of his own blood. Iori fell to her death as Jer watched helplessly, clung to the side of the island.



Morality & Philosophy

As stated before, Iori had no problem with theft, something the was quite good at, especially since the econamy of A'ramel Alshiu favorite the rich and powerful, and unfairly put the poor at a disadvantage. However she could not condone the unnecessary violent and killing against innocent people, and even went to the trouble of killing her own gang boss to see to it that it stopped happened in her community.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Iori never spoke up about her interests much as she was a fairly quiet and mysterious person, but she actually enjoyed music and even played a Buzuq in her free time. She preferred being alone and wasn't a fan of idle chit chat.  

Virtues & Perks

Iori was a loyal person who was solid and unwavering in her moral beliefs. She respected those who valued human life and went to the extra effort to help the underdog. She was exceptionally skilled at stealth and was often the go to for stake-out missions.

Vices & Flaws

Despite being a good person at heart, she was still a criminal and still had unsavory habits like petty theft and a drinking problem. She often intimidated others and would butt heads with the 'goodie-two-shoes' of the group.


Iori swore her loyalty to Sarah as a thanks for protecting her village from demons. Iori is not one to ever break a promise if she can help it. Plus, joining the Knights automatically granted her a pardon for her prvious crimes which was pretty convenient.



Iori is the type to not speak up very often and sit back in the corner of the room and listening to the conversation. She has a strong poker-face, and it's very difficult to tell how she is feeling or what she's thinking, which makes her a master at intimidation.   Iori speaks in a low, direct tone of voice, but when she is using her male persona, she will intentionally lower her voice so it sounds more masculine.

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