Dawn of the New Year

Day of Rebirth

The Dawn of the New Year is a New Years celebration that happens at the beginning of the Fantasmian Year. The Fantasmian year starts at near the first day of spring. The holiday celebrates the end of the cold winter season and the boom of life and nature that happens in spring.  


  The most common tradition for the Dawn of the New Year is the Dawn Festival. A village will usually host a festival where you can buy special treats, or seeds to start gardening or farming for the season. Many people will also take a trip to the forest to see the spring cherry blossoms bloom.   There might also be fireworks at night in larger cities. Some people will travel to big cities just to see them, as fireworks are often too expensive for small villages to use.


The tradition has a rather unknown origin. The current version of the holiday is a combination of many celebrations from other cultures.

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