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Whoever thought of making a stupid myth into a reality ought to be shot!
Tavarken Kax of the Da'zen system
Kel'Decar are genetically engineered creatures, the idea stemming from old myths passed down through generations of descendants from an unknown country of Old Earth before imperial unification. Initially used as a way to make fun of the gullibility of others who believed the stories, it was passed down through generations to survive into the present day.  


The species itself has managed to survive to the present day, some 200 years after its creation through the pairs that were smuggled off of Kelis. Some were released onto planets unknown, only to be rediscovered some decades later by some poor unfortunate settlers. Others were domesticated in much the same way as guard dogs were centuries before. Prized for their aggression, they remain a danger to anyone other than their handlers. In some cases if the handler died an entire group of the beasts had to be put down as they became feral and attacked any who would go near the corpse of their dead master.   Current day attack beasts are often hidden away in ventilation ducts, ready to heed their master's call. Be wary of anywhere smelling of eucalyptus leaves.
Conservation Status
After the initial discovery of the existence of the species on the planet Kelis in the Da'zen system, all exports of the species were banned and they were virtually wiped out. Though this was well after several pairs were shipped off the planet.
Nasty little beasts, lost two men in my squad to inattentiveness... always watch the trees, those bastards will be on you and tearing out your neck before you can even blink
— Captain Davik Ferguson - Imperial Eradication Services

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Cover image: Drop Bear by Kimsol


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23 Jul, 2018 13:08

NOT THE DROP BEARS. Could use a little more detail on what they look like ;)

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23 Jul, 2018 15:47

Oh goodness I can't stop laughing at bio-engineered murder-koalas   How big are they? Physical dimensions and variants could be cool to include :)

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23 Jul, 2018 18:53

That cover image instantly made me nope right on out of here. It works well. I dig your slanted quote css as well! Well done.

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