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Gen Mai

The Path

As we travel along the Path, we get closer to the day when the gods return and remake the world.
— A Koushan Mai priest
Gen Mai is the polytheistic religion of the Koushan Mai people, as well as several dragon clans. Its name translates to The Path, and is symbolised by a spiral.   The religion of Gen Mai can trace its roots back to the beginning of the Enervant Age, over five thousand years ago, though it was nameless at that time. This early religion would be unidentifiable as Gen Mai as it is now; it was a time when direct contact with the gods was possible and the concept of the Path was not conceived of.   Gen Mai in the early days focused on the worship and appeasement of the gods. There are many myths of tasks completed on the whims of these immortal beings.
  After the gods disappeared from the world, Gen Mai grew into the form it takes today. It was said that the gods withdrew from the land because they were disappointed in how the Koushan Mai lived their lives. The Koushan Mai believe that if they follow the tenets of the Path, the gods will one day return and remake the world into paradise.  


  Most priests of Gen Mai are dedicated to their temple from childhood. The temples take in all a community's orphans, who are then raised into priesthood. Some families also dedicate their children to the temple when they are young if they cannot support them.   There are no gender restrictions amongst the priesthood, though a few gods have a priesthood comprised completely of men, women, or ashan.  

Places of Worship

  In earlier centuries, the Koushan Mai built beautifully intricate temples carved from stone and wood. Each temple was dedicated to a specific god or goddess.   In the current year, only a few secluded temples remain. The others have been plundered, their stones pillaged and used to build castles for the Seruic and Caillish people.  

The House of Silence

This temple, dedicated to Seiran, the goddess of secrets and stars, is hidden in the mountains of The Teeth. The main chamber of the temple is open to the elements allowing the priests who live there to stargaze on clear evenings.  

The Buried Sanctuary

Deep in the forests, entangled in the roots of ancient trees, lies a temple that is half buried in the ground. This place is dedicated to the twin child gods of death, Fain and Lilika.  

The Tower of the Watcher

Dedicated to Hakan, the god of the sun, this temple is built into the side of a sheer cliff of a mountain in The Teeth. It is tall and thin with a stained glass dome at its tip. When the sun shines, the interior of the temple is flooded with colour.

Core Tenets

  • Live your lives in accordance with the values of the gods.
  • Protect the weak and vulnerable. Only then are you worthy.
  • Fight only when there is no other option.
  • Death is not to be feared. Reward and punishment are given in life.
  • All souls are reborn.

The Sacred Spiral

  The spiral is a revered shape in the Gen Mai religion. It represents the form of the Path, the route to the gods returning to Etrea and remaking the world into a paradise. The very centre of the spiral represents the Return.   The direction of the spiral is also important. If the spiral is going in a clockwise direction, it symbolises the religion itself. This spiral is used to decorate the temples and the vestements of the priesthood, as well as in a lot of religious jewellery.   If the spiral is going in an anti-clockwise direction, it symbolises protection. It is believed that an anti-clockwise spiral will draw the eyes of the gods. This is also a common motif in Koushan Mai jewellery, as protection is at forefront of a lot of minds. As such, it also is a symbol that is incorporated in many of the tattoos that decorate their bodies.
The Nightlands
Geographic Location | Nov 4, 2020

The afterlife of the Koushan Mai, the realm of Lilika and Fain.


The Pantheon



God of the Sun, Judgement, and Justice

by Pexels


Goddess of the Moon and the Night


God of Fate

by 8385


God of the Dawn

by giani


God of the Dusk


Goddess of Secrets and Stars


God of Battle


Twin Goddess of Death


Twin God of Death


God of Mountains and Sky


Goddess of Sea and Storms


God of the Forest and Beasts


Goddess of the Harvest, Flowers, and Insects


God of Healing


God of Love and Faith


Goddess of the Hunt


God of Travellers and Luck


Goddess of Fertility, Childbirth, and Children

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