Aranare ash Lueapherdishea

The First

The only gratification I take in my death is the enormity of the vindication it's given me.   I told you so, Issar Emdi.   Please, engrave those words into the back of your eyelids.   Who am I, an Orgineer of thirty cycles, to know what I am talking about? Who am I to know the dangers of trying to root your Luaedei in hypothermic waters? I've only been doing it for my entire life, I only grew up in a Luaedei sleeping in the ice-beds of Ethra.   It was a very simple statement and request: make sure that every entrance into the city has a triple-iris covering of nictating thermal membranes to prevent the city from going hypothermic and letting all the sea-water in.   Now I am up to my knees in freezing water. I cannot feel my toes. I'm going to die and it's going to be your fault. Tell my daughter that when you look in her eyes, if you even have the courage to do so. Look her in the eyes and tell her that her father told you so.   At least I will never have to try your terrible cooking again.
— Pherdi
  Aranare ash Lueapherdishea are the Letters of the Drowned, the final messages and transmissions of anyone writing their farewells before drowning, and who signs off with —Pherdi, a Aeei word which originally meant 'Dead' but which due to this tradition has come to mean 'Drowned'.   Above is the Aranare ash Lueapherdishea of Antheis Duei, one of the Luea who died in a partial collapse of the frontal shell of a Luaedaei when one of its entrance diaphragms went numb from over-exposure to hypothermic currents, relaxed, and summarily caused a flood of seawater. The flood triggered a contraction in the muscle of the Luaedaei, which ruptured its shell and allowed more seawater in. Approximately six-thousand died.   Because of this letter, an investigation was launched which proved Issar Emdi's guilt. He shortly thereafter went missing. No investigation was launched on his death.  

Ascension to Tradition

Several years after Antheis Duei's death, a history professor found and shared the entry with his students. It gained popularity throughout the history community, disseminated outwards as a joke, and caught fire when a vessel sank and three engineers trapped below deck transmitted their own morbid, playful Aranare ash Lueapherdishea before perishing.

Love you, mother.
Love you father.
Love you, brother.
Drowning sucks.
— Pherdi

Nobody was at fault, at least. We're having a race—can we drown in liquor faster than seawater?
— Pherdi

On my world we have a saying: bottoms up. It fits this glass, this ship, and my life far too well. Eh. Ciao.
— Pherdi

The odd transmissions drew the eye of the public, and from that day forward the Aranare ash Lueapherdishea was a phenomena, a perfect distillation of Luea humor in the face of the morbidity of death, and an example which spread even to other Sophont as well.

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Aranare ash Lueapherdishea

Aranare: Ah-Rawn-Ah-Ray
Lueapherdishea: Lew-Yuh-Fur-Dish-Yuh
Letters of the Drowned, a macabre ritual which began with the Luea and which are outlined in this entry.   The Pherdisheako holds over 43,495 Entries, most of which are from more recent eras since the advent of automation to track and add new entries to the Pherdisheako.



The Ledger of the Drowned, a HubNet archive of final letters of those who drowned or froze to death collected over the millenia.   It is stored on the HubNet, viewed mostly by Historians or visitors with a morbid curiosity. It was curated by an Icon calling itself Vertixico (a frequent Sazasharanare mispronunciation of Pherdisheako) until a collision with a star liner flooded the home station of its Server with an lethal mix of water and the contents of an entire tank of liquid nitrogen.  
Ah. Perfect.
— Final transmission of Icon Vertixico
  The Perdisheako lives on. It is still maintained, though it is uncertain who the curator is or how they gained control of the Pherdisheako. The general consensus is that it is being maintained by another Infomorph.


Historic (Lueaaedei): Lew-Yuh-Aay-Day
Modern (Luaedaei): Lew-Aay-Day
Ocean Home, subaquatics orga-tech arcologies with artificial metabolisms and internal flora and fauna. They can sprawl for miles along sea or lake floors.


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