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A Gorgegasher is a native predator to Distra, they are a solo hunter and a facultative quadrupeds—they stand bipedal to survey the horizon and quadrupedal for stalking and hunting.

They began as IreHeart and adapted to the landscape, but as Distra's society fell in the wake of the Melancholic Lacuna their society degraded, and their offspring were born without human intelligence.

They are large, reptilian creatures with rows of horns as well as natural armor plating. They can survive in extreme heat, and have some meta capabilities left over from their human origins.

You know, I'm pretty sure the first Gorgegasher was just someone trying to Therianthrope themselves into something resembling a dragon.

— Native Undaunted


Gorgegashers were originally an organization of Therianthroped survivalists who were helping settle the harshest corners of Distra. They were greatly revered as heroes and warriors, and only the finest were given the right to become a Gorgegasher.

When the Melancholic Lacuna, society leaned on the Gashers more than ever, and they began to serve lifelong as Gashers now that the tech to revert them was gone. As life tends to do, they reproduced, and learned the hard way that their Sophont intelligence did not carry onto their children. They birthed only monsters—apex predators.

They are one with tapestry of the Great Drama now, so invested in their roles as our antagonist and as shapers of our society—for what else can you call their attacks, their tricks, and their violence but tests of our resolve and technology?—that they have forgotten their original selves, they have forgotten that they are our kin.

Each time you kill a Gorgegasher, whisper a prayer to the Wheel, for you have proven yourself as an actor of the great Drama.

— Distran

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Geographic Distribution
7-12 ft
Claws, Talons, Horns, Fire Meta, Armor Plating


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