Portable Chef

Portable Chefs are briefcase-sized culinary one-stop-shops. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and come with a catalog of improvements, accessories, and power options.
A strange time we live in, with worlds so brimming with people that space for a kitchen is impractical.   At the same time we also have worlds so devoid of life, that a warm meal is worth it's weight in gold.   The Portable Chef will make the best of both situations.
— Portable Chef Marketing

A Kitchen For Any Situation

The Portable Chef came as a solution to a growing colony market and for traditionalist families who could not afford kitchen space in their own homes. Combining food processing, cooking, broiling, into a single solution, it replaces many of the larger kitchen appliances and can be stored when not in use.   They are often times used in survival packs, with certain power accessories allowing their use in non-developed planets.
Been riding in my Waybode for a good month or so, roasting up some of the local fauna on this here fine Porto-Chef.   Nothing like a barbecue under the open stars and double moons. Mmmhmm.
— Proud Portable Chef User.

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Voltaic Power

For survival or colony users, charging from radiation and sunlight leads to a fantastic survival product.

Food Preserver

Using a plastic roll, any food prepared by the Portable Chef can be sealed and preserved for future use.

Water Purifier

An attachable water filtration system that removes 99.9% of water-borne microbes.

Recipe Database

On license from SysTome, your Portable Chef can come right with a cooking compendium to help you cook amazing meals anywhere.

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Author's Notes

100 Days of Ethnis

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13 Apr, 2019 04:11

How much for one? I need it.

Author of Ravare.
13 Apr, 2019 15:38

Agrees with the previous speaker.

Anna Elizabeth Boyett
13 Apr, 2019 18:39

I really love the fact that you can get a recipe "book" add on. That's super cool, actually! :D

Atena Luna
14 Apr, 2019 06:26

I need one as well.

  I got some questions, is the recipe book all of the known recipes or are they locked by region or behind a paywall or something similar? (one-time purchase or so.) Are they also used by the military? Do they have their own version of the portable chef?

I really like the idea and look forward to it being developed further!

14 Apr, 2019 22:53

Cheers for the feedback! Glad you like it! It actually used the Systome Technology in which case it would be like having a massive knowledge base in your station to help you cook. Systomes do have a license however, so it's kinda like satellite radio in a car. The hook up needs to be there, and then you have to pay a fee to use the service.   As for the military, I am sure they have some of their own, but I would not think they would be any different that normal Portable Chefs.

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