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Mark of Exile

Summercamp Prompt: An important public announcement that one person addressed to many

The Mark of Exile is a sacrament of the Chivalric Codex by which the ValuSelu Pact is bound. It marks a dishonored object, land, or person. The dishonored must be shunned. The lot of the dishonored is chosen by the dishonored. The dishonored thinks itself to be above the common good.

It is uncommon that someone is Exiled from society, though there is a common criticism that undesired minorities tend to be pushed down that route until the fall into it. Rarer still are those who elect to become an exile without committing a crime.

Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2023

Encapsulating Outlander, exile, and convict alike, to be IdPari is to choose to deny the obligation of Conscription. In denying this obligation, the IdPari lose access to the benefits of citizenship, including ownership and employment.

Becoming IdPari

How to become an Exile

As an Objector

You may become an exile at any Border Court. To enter, you must relinquish all electronic and recording devices and sign the paperwork which marks you as an Exile — functionally deceased as a legal entity. Few leave society through this means, and typically do so with intention of joining an Outlander tribe.

As a Convict

As the penalty for committing a serious or heinous crime you will be sentenced with either prison or conscription. If at any point of this process you express an intention to defy your sentencing, you will instead be branded as an Exile and transported to the nearest IdPari dropoff.

As a Wildling

Under Anti-Genocide laws, the children of Exiles may not be taken from their parents and indoctrinated into society. However, exiles may choose to give their children to the state. These children will be raised as orphans, which typically means a lifelong career in the Jhoutigari and never seeing their family again.

How to (re)join society

As an Objector

You may return to society as a citizen, but are sent immediately into the workforce via conscription.

As a Pariah

Any crimes must be atoned for, potentially with interest, after which point you may return to society as a citizen.

As a Wildling

You must be sent through education (if you are young) or reeducation (if you are an adult).

Contacting an Exile

Only approved Journalists and tasked Jhoutigari are to enter an IdPari zone, and none may do so without an armed escort and explicit purpose. Family are allowed to meet at the border of the Idpari zone, in a detention center.

Exiles present an Infohazard to civilized society, and must remain isolated.

Exiled communities may not connect to outside networks, nor may they allow outsiders to connect to their networks. Incompetence is not an excuse. If you cannot comply, you will be raided and your technology will be confiscated. Any citizens found to be aiding your endeavor will be treated thenceforth as an Exile.

— Jhoutigari Law

The Jhoutigari frequently hack IdPari networks for practice, and may openly use it to surveil on the community. At any time, they can cite that network as being a potential infohazard vector, and claim a warrant to raid the zone.

Nothing may be given to an IdPari. Nothing may be accepted from an IdPari.

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Jul 29, 2023 19:11 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Kinda yikes. But I really like there are ways to re-enter society if one works hard enough.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jul 30, 2023 15:50 by Ademal

Exile and the IdPari are one of the biggest criticisms of the Pact. A lot of people feel like conscription shouldn't be mandatory. If it helps, your conscription can include local service as well, such as garbage collection and getting food to the infirm.

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Aug 20, 2023 15:48 by E. Christopher Clark

I love the whole thing, but I especially love how you’ve broken down each of the “How to” sections. Makes them really readable and perfect for my brain at this point in the month of reading.

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