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Monuments to the Missing

The Monuments to the Missing are a collection of Monuments spread out over the Hub Worlds. Each was independently made by its Banner, but many have since created installations which sync with the others.

We can argue eternally over who was at fault for the Lacuna, but we all lost when the Way shut. We, the common folk, whose economies were gutted and who lost family to silence. Our Banners may pay for these monuments, but it was our hands who built them, and our hearts who burn the most for their loss!
— Pact Town Leader

Growing Family

With each world that is Reclaimed, Banners will sometimes induct local Monuments about the Lacuna into their own Gallery—sometimes by literally (and controversially) transplanting them to Hub museums, sometimes by creating hologram or physical replicas.    


The First Fallen of Perduro is a field of standing stones leading up to the entrance of the city. Each one is engraved with the name of one of the first colonists and has Illusory likenesses of their faces projected onto them. They're all facing a massive monolith with a hole removed from the middle, representing the Hub.


The Excluded

The Apple of Hedonism and The House of Sorrows are excluded from the Monuments to the Missing. The Sorrows due to The Harrowing and their assumed role in the WayHall closing. Hedon never built its own monument.
Below is a list of the monuments made and by which Banners.


Every nation has its own monument, but the Constellation of the Lost—a series of Meissner Orbs representing each planet and orbiting a black obelisk engraved with the names of all lost—is considered the most elaborate and venerable on the planet. It is located in the Capital of Valuser'rh.


A pair of replica Wayhalls along a long hallway, located near the center of the Victory Archway. When you walk into them it is pitch black and dead quiet except for holographic planets that represent each Syndicate world lost in the Lacuna. You can stop at each of these planets, and pressing your palm to it will tell you its eulogy and who was lost there.


Millions a year make the pilgrimage to the Himalayan Gardens surrounding the Palace of the Somnolent, where hundreds of shrines, each dedicated to a different lost world and tended to by local monks, dot a trail through the forest.


The Grove of Silence is a forest of clustered groves. Each tree is a stone edifice representing a family, each grove representing a planet.


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