Manul Tjerto

Manul was one of the Aempian Triptych who served during the growth of Aempis up through the Rilaem War at which point he retired from the Aempian military and moved west, to Khatoum to relcaim and re-organize the lands from tribes into government with the aid of the Aempian Military.
If this is to be read then may it be long after my bones are ash, and in a day when only historians remember my name. Until then, may it rot in some dark corner of the Aempian archives. I'm not proud of the story which follows, but nor am I ashamed, so I would much rather be dead before the world learns of my atrocities. And atrocities they shall be known as.   Aempis loves to hire and glorify my kind—not the Khirmagne, but monsters. The cogs of promotion are greased with blood. The ladder to the top is bone lashed with ligament. It says as much about Aempis for using, as it does about me for following it.   I was born a murderer, and have only become more proficient since. I once approached it as a freelancer, but Aempis taught me the error of my ways. Thes days I only work salary. Soon enough I'll retire and do it only for charity.   When I assume the mantle of murderer I do it in all senses of the term. I've done every kind, for every reason. Personal. Impersonal. Family. Friend. Foe.   In the pages which follow I make not attempt to seem right for what I have done. I only aim to be right in recalling it.   Take this as a warning. Any story where the villain wins and does not repent is not bound to be a happy one.
— Manul

Risen from the Waste


The Mongrel of the Wastelands


The Triptych


The Tyrant



Year Age Event
4331 51 Manul joins the Jhoutigari
4332 57 The Advent War
4338 59 The Mars Massacre
4340 61 The Triptych Forms
4342 131 The Rilaem War begins



Grey Wanderer

The grey wanderer comes from a bloody past. His heart is that of a saint, and with the hands of a carpenter he will bring glory back to the west with the fury of the deserts close to his hand.
— Prophecy of the Grey Wanderer
Manul is thought to be one of the possible fulfillers of the prophecy of the grey wanderer. He united the West.


Manul Tjerto was posthumously granted sainthood by the ron Sights—a controversial decision at the time, given his historically dubious morality.   Manul's age is only an estimate. He does not actually know what year he was born in.


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