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Short for Ubiquitous, Ubiq is the lingua franca of Ethnis. First developed by the Aen as a trade tongue which married Pheraeai grammar and Saza words, Ubiq is celebrated for how easy it is to learn.


Ubiq is a constructed language developed in Aempis as a trade language for the many Sazashi tribes and nations, whose dialectical drifts were making it difficult to communicate at the time.   Ubiq uses many of the concepts of Sazasharanare, simplified down so that words only ever have literal meaning. As such, it was originally considered a very serious, sober, and literal language, ill suited for poetry and metaphor.

The New Wit

Of course it was only a matter of time before someone interjected new double-meaning into the language. It's lack of tonality opened up an entire new scope of tonal meaning—specifically sarcasm. With sarcasm and with ruling Ubiq conversation it has become the common tongue of repartee, and has gained new life in recent years as a singing language due to the clarity of pronunciation.  

Common Phrases

It does is what?

That was dumb. You're going to have to run that by me again.


Can you explain that to me?

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Summer Camp Prompt 15

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