Etched Bones (Resonai)

Written by Ademal

The Kyzanic skeleton hovering before me was regal, with bones clad in chrome and etched with gold. Gemstones glittered by the light of the lamp overhead, each inset with care into the nooks and crannies of her bones to form intricate patterns and studs.   To think, all of this had lurked beneath the surface when she had lived.

An Ancient Practice

Although the practice of bone etching goes as far back as the undead themselves, before any recorded certainty, it advanced significantly and became incredibly popular during the period of Sathiidic Feudalism in The Marianiyan Territories.   In increasing competition of showmanship and combat, Sathiid began leveraging their regeneration to modify their bodies, and began the practice of bone etching, typically reserved for the undead, while still alive. They would peel back the skin and endure tortuous pain to undergo the etchings, but the end result—heightened metaphysical power—gave them an edge few could compete with.

A Psiolic's Boon

Etched bones are not just a matter of pride and machismo, but of raw power. Metals and minerals have been the mainstay of every Imbuist for as long as Imbuistry has been known. Certain metals can help to conduct meta from point to point, and gems to store it. In that regard, using bone etching as a way to give a caster a Meta Lattice (Resonai) was an inevitable choice for those who sought power or to embed their very bodies with protective spells.

A Modern Fashion

In modern millenia, where advanced medical technology allows for cost-effective invasive procedures and regeneration means a fast recovery, it is more common than ever to find Psiolic with gilded, engraved, and bejeweled skeletons.   Some of these are done with glowing materials in such a way that the skeleton glows through the epidermis. or the studded gems indent or even emerge through their skin. Others are kept hidden, visible to other Psiolic of a high Divination—some Psiolic have fun by having secret messages or patterns grafted onto their bones in metal.

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Anna Elizabeth Boyett
29 Jan, 2019 04:20

I absolutely love this! It's got that faint undercurrent of the macabre that I love so much from Ethnis, combined with the awe inspiring and near holy in some ways; very much something reminiscent of the stunning Martyr Relics of the Catholic Church, with a beautiful Sci-Fi twist. I look forward to seeing how this develops further in Ethnis <3

29 Jan, 2019 05:05

Thank you! I'll need to polish the RPG content at some point and would love to carry the first bokeh out into a 4-Bokeh little flashfic!   But isn't that the story of every Ethnis article...

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Anna Elizabeth Boyett
29 Jan, 2019 05:16

You can do it- and when you do, it'll be even more amazing than it already is!

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