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Heat Suit

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Heat suits are an experimental technology intended to allow flamekin to travel outside of the emberpeaks without having to concern themselves with magmatic stasis.


The heat suit is composed of one layer of heat-resistant insulating fabric, a layer of wires forming a grid-like pattern across the interior of the suit, and a layer of heat-resistant fabric meant to protect the skin from exposed wiring but still confer heat to the person wearing the suit.
It is powered through the use of Thyic, either through shorter-lived Thyic batteries or through the Thyic of the wearer themself.


The suit is still not a fully complete invention, prone to some failures. The circuits can easily be overloaded with too much Thyic, causing the suit to stop working entirely. This is, of course, dangerous to a flamekin relying on it for survival, and so there are safety precautions in place that any flamekin wearing the suit is taught before using it.
Don't forget to turn on your heat suit!
I know, mom...
— Flamekin mother sending her child off

Cold-Climate Safety: The Neccessity of the Heat Suit

Magmatic stasis is an incredibly dangerous condition for a flamekin individual to get. Not only does it progress concerningly quickly, it is a lethal and highly excruciating process. As such, the heat suits in developments should not be worn any further than one can safely travel back to their heated home should it fail.


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Dec 9, 2023 22:40 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I do not like the term 'prone to failures' when it comes to lifesaving equipment. I think if I was a flamekin I would stay at home until technology improves a little. :D

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i mean, so long as you stay close enough to the calderas, you're probably fine...

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