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Flamekin are a sapient species native to the Emberpeaks. They are resillient against heat and fire, and make their homes in the calderas of their home biome's volcanoes. They are one of the most directly agressive species in Etharai, though their fights are restricted to "honourable" ones.

Basic Information


The flamekin have bright yellow, orange, or red skin and eyes, with flames instead of hair. They have a black sclera, to prevent them from being blinded by the amount of light that they live near. They have webbed hands and feet, suited for swimming, and powerful muscles that allow them to swim through lava.
They have no nose, and instead smell through flicking their tongue. They have ears that are flat to their head, which they can close if they are submerged in lava. Their bright-coloured glowing skin is covered mostly by dark brown or black scales, giving them a similar appearance to mostly-cooled lava.

Genetics and Reproduction

Flamekin reproduce sexually. They can reproduce with any two members of the species, and do not actually have any biological sexes. As such, they do not have a concept of gender within their societies.

Growth Rate & Stages

Flamekin have three major stages, which can be split into sub-stages. The first stage is childhood, starting in infancy, progressing to toddlerhood, and ending as a preeten. They are very impressionable during these stages, and look to the adults around them for guidance. The next stage is their teenager stage, where they become incredibly rebellious and often angry. They are encouraged to dissapate this anger by participating in ritual combat, though they do not always do so. The final stage is adulthood, when they are fully developed and ready to become full-fledged members of society.
Flamekin children and teens live with their parents until they are mature enough to move out.

Ecology and Habitats

The flamekin are suited for hot environments, and do not do very well with the cold. They will often bathe in hot magma, or relax in a sauna. If they enter colder regions, even ones that would still be considered hot to most other species, they begin to weaken and move slowly, before their body solidifies and renders them immobile in a painful process that they remain conscious for the entirety of. This condition is known as magmatic stasis.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Flamekin consume metal ores as their source of food. The metals will melt in their mouths, allowing them to swallow them and obtain the minerals from within them.
Many flamekin dishes include this, as well as some of the plants found around the areas that they live. The only other species capable of eating flamekin dishes are the kuuyikar, who are not generally found within the emberpeaks.


Flamekin are a more agressive species, believing that the best way to resolve an argument is through a fair duel. These duels never result in major injuries, and are simply a show of skill.
However, outsiders that are used to complete peace are often startled and horrified by this.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Flamekin are exclusively found on the emberpeaks. They cannot survive elsewhere, nor do they have a particular desire to leave the warmth and comfort of their natural homes. Their interaction with other species comes entirely with those species visiting them, an occurance that becomes much less common the more that the outside world hears about the strange customs of the flamekin. The few visitors that do visit trade food and other products for materials found in the region.

Average Intelligence

The flamekin are talented in magic, both in Amyth and Thyic. However, they are unable to use many technologies of the other parts of Etharai, due to the intense temperatures where they live. They have managed to recreate many of the technologies with materials that have a higher melting point, but have been unsuccessful for many inventions that require the use of organic material.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The flamekin have exceptional eyesight, able to see in any and all environments. They can see through normally opaque liquids as well, such as lava, due to special genes and cells that they have relating to their eyesight.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The flamekin's names are old words in their language. The words no longer have a meaning in the language, but are instead used as names. Flamekin names sound like It'thar, Rak'khir, Eth'tor, or Xak'ras. They also keep surnames, which they inherit from their parents. These surnames are traditionally based on professions, but have more recently been passed down from parent to child to denote relationship.

Beauty Ideals

Flamekin prefer a high contrast between the two tones of a flamekin's skin - for example, yellow skin with black scales would be the most desireable to them. They prefer skin that glows the most brightly, as well as darker eyes. Their favoured head shapes are round, and those will tall fires on their heads are seen as more desireable.

Clothing and Fashion

Flamekin tend to wear leathers cured specifically to withstand high heats. They also wear metals that are able to withstand the high heats that they spend their lifetimes around.
They do not wear many jewelleries, nor do they participate in body modifications or decoration.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

The flamekin participate in ritual forms of combat, in which they will duel one another in a non-lethal manner to settle arguments or just to take part in the community's activities.

Common Myths and Legends

The flamekin believe that they were created by the volcanoes themselves; they believe that Etharai imbued life into these volcanoes, and the volcanoes were lonely, so they made a species to give them company. They believe that the eruptions of the volcanoes are their ways of settling arguments between each other, and so the flamekin do a similar ritual in their fighting traditions.
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200-220 yrs.
Average Height
6-7 ft.
Average Physique
Flamekin are not particularly strong, most of the time, though this does of course vary.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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