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Emberpeaks are a volcanic biome on the surface of Etharai. The volcanoes are mostly dormant, though they erupt occasionally almost exclusively as magmatic eruptions. Explosive eruptions are rare, but have occured in the past.


The emberpeaks are a seemingly normal mountain range at a glance. However, the flat peaks of the mountains reveal that each and every one of them are, in fact, volcanoes.
The ground around the base of the volcanoes is entirely made of igneous rock, where lava flowed down the side of the mountain and cooled off. The base of the volcanic range is much wider than the top, due to this.
The area around the calderas of the volcanoes are incredibly hot, with sizzling magma jumping up onto the walkable areas at times. There have been methods used to predict when a volcano is about to erupt, to ensure timely evacuations.


Despite the unfriendly environment, there are still many creatures that live in and around the calderas and bases of the emberpeaks. One small parasitic creature in the area is the ignetick, a species that relies on the blood of other creatures to survive, its bite causing a fire-like painful sensation in the person bitten. The blazehound is a friendly species, that has been domesticated by the sapient species living in the area, the flamekin. The firegrass is a pervasive grassy species known for its persistence. Torchroot is a root vegetable that grows in the warmth of the dried lava, which is very difficult to harvest.


The climate around the emberpeaks is incredibly hot and sweltering, making it a very hostile environment for species that are more used to the cold. While it is still a liveable environment for such species, many choose not to live here anyways, if not due to the heat then because of the agressive tendencies of the species that lives here.

Natural Resources

Igneous rocks such as lokkstone and feltash can be found within these regions. In addition, mining can yield gems such as stardrop crystals and pyreheart, which have valuable uses elsewhere.
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Cover image: Lava Flowing by Brent Keane


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