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Firegrass is a soft yet persistent species of grass that can be found in Etharai's emberpeaks. It can grow in many environments, able to obtain nutrients from even the most barren ground. Its blades have a texture similar to ribbons, and its colours resemble that of fire, with red tones closer to the ground forming a gradient into a more yellow colour at the tip of the grass. This colouring, as well as its texture, is what gets firegrass its name.


Firegrass is a tall grass, reaching about knee-length for most sapient species. It is soft to the touch, easy to rip, and moves at the slightest gust of wind. Its roots are incredibly thin, able to find purchase in rock almost as easily as in fertile soil. Its roots tend to go deep, meaning that a tear in the grass's blades would only cause that part of the plant to regrow. This makes firegrass incredibly difficult to remove, as it requires the careful extraction of all of the plant's roots. This, combined with its ability to grow nearly anywhere, makes it incredibly likely to become invasive. Some removal efforts mistakenly try to set the grass on fire to get rid of it; however, this is doomed to backfire, as the plant's roots are flame retardant, and the fire will often begin to burn any other nearby flora indescriminately.
Average Height
2-3 feet
Geographic Distribution

Uses & Byproducts

Firegrass blades are highly flammable - though their roots don't share the same quality. The grass is used to start fires, able to be set alight quickly and for a bright and long-lasting flame. Flames using firegrass are a light golden colour, and emit more light than is typical of a regular fire.

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