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WARNING: This article contains descriptions of the effects of toxic gasses
Piperoot is a fungus species with hard, metallic exteriors and gassy interiors. It grows in volcanic regions, in particular the emberpeaks. It has a few uses, though its harvest is incredibly delicate and must be done very carefully. The plant coats much of the sides of the emberpeaks' volcanoes, causing a dangerous environment wherever it spreads.


Piperoot grows in a cyllindrical, tube-like shape with a glossy grey exterior. The fungus is separated into segments, with indents between them. These sections can be straight or curved, and in particularly large growths of piperoot, form a tangled and wandering mess. The exterior of the fungus is firm but brittle, prone to breaking. The interior is hollow, save for the gasses constantly produced as a byproduct of the species' digestive processes.
The gasses produced by the piperoot are incredibly toxic, both for inhalation and on contact. When inhaled, one first feels a burning sensation, and the eyes begin to water. Eventually, airways will close, causing asphixiation and death. On contact, the skin feels as though the blood underneath it is boiling, and if the species has hair, this hair begins to melt and burn the surrounding skin.
The species is completely fireproof. Its hard outer shell has potential to be used in fireproofing, but it is incredibly difficult to harvest without exposing oneself to the species' toxic gasses. To safely harvest it requires the use of airtight suits cleared for high-risk environments. Then, the gas from with the species must be removed, and its source sufficiently stopped to prevent it from producing more. If this is done properly, it can be used as flame- and heat-resistant casing on temperature-sensitive objects.
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