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The ignetick is a species found in the bushes of the emberpeaks. They latch onto the skin of those passing through their homes, drinking their blood before falling off to go mate and then die.

Basic Information


Igneticks are small, brown and black mottled arachnids. They have strong pincers in their heads, and eight legs.
They are capable of withstanding great heats, and they have a venom that causes the creature that they are biting to feel a burning sensation in the skin aroung the bite. This does not effect species that are resistant to fire, such as the flamekin, very much, but it is an incredibly painful sensation to those not native to the region. Coincidentally, the folks who are not native to the emberpeaks are the most likely to wander into the bushes where the igneticks lie in wait, unaware of the danger, and thus more likely to get bitten. The venom of the ignetick is not lethal to any species, but is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. There is currently no way to reduce the effects of ignetick venom, which lasts for around 8 hours.

Ecology and Habitats

Igneticks live in the warm climates of the emberpeaks, remaining in the lower areas at the base of the peaks. They cannot withstain themselves in colder temperatures, sometimes even dying off during the winters of their own biomes.

Biological Cycle

Igneticks are born within shrubbery of their biome, before finding an animal to cling to. Once they have done so, they are able to find a mate and procreate. After they mate and produce young, they almost immediately die, their newborns feeding off of their dead bodies.
Geographic Distribution

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