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Emberkin Flow Arts

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Flow arts are movement-based arts practiced by the emberkin. Often accompanied with music and light shows, these arts are a staple of emberkin culture, practiced by a good number of them but enjoyed by most.
Emberkin flow arts are best observed in the dark, watching the light of their art move fluidly in the air. They are accompanied my music, and the way they are typically enjoyed is in large gatherings in which anyone who wishes to join may do so, with multiple emberkin performing at once. The music accompanying these dances is often electronic.
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Types of Flow Art


Poi is one of the simpler forms of flow art, and is performed by swinging two weights around on either one connected cord or two disconnected ones. Within emberkin flow arts, these weights are often illuminated with fire or some other source of light.


Jugling involves the rhythmic throwing and catching of typically three, though sometimes more, objects. These objects can be nearly anything, but the emberkin enjoy flow arts that glow or emit light in some form.

Dance Rings

Dance rings are large circular objects typically spun around the body, arms, legs, or head. They are a bit larger, and some emberkin choose to light theirs on fire to make for a more visually interesting show.


Silks are somewhat similar to poi, though the techniques are different. Instead of weights, fabric (sometimes set alight) is attached to the end of the cords, and swung in similar patterns to poi.


Ribbons are another fairly popular form of flow art among the emberkin, with them often setting fire to their ribbons before performing with them.


Lightwhips are whips with either fire or some other form of light on their whip portion. These are a bit more dangerous to use, but can be performed in a wide variety of manners and often make for a great display.


Lightwands are straight, stick-like objects, set on fire and attached to a small string. Moving the lightwand around gives the illusion of levitation, as the string is small enough to remain non-visible to the audience.


Fans allow for a more controlled kind of flow art, meaning that many emberkin that practice this flow art set fire to the fans and maintain a large, impressive flame, that they can use the air around them to manipulate as they dance.


Staff-based flow arts can be many different things, depending on the shape of the staff and the techniques used. Regardless, the ends or some other portion of the staff is generally set on fire.


Some of these types of flow arts can be mixed with one another to form new techniques and create new types of art. Juggling poi has gained some popularity, as have light whips and dance rings.


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