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Magmatic Stasis

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Magmatic statis is a natural, physiological condition affecting flamekin from the emberpeaks. It is a condition that causes slow metallic paralysis if left unchecked.

Transmission & Vectors

This condition is not contagious. It is a biological condition affecting flamekin, which occurs under certain environmental conditions. It does not become infectious at any stage, though the later stages are terrifying for other flamekin to witness, let alone the flamekin experiencing the condition.


Magmatic statis is caused by a flamekin, a species sustained by high levels of heat, finds their way to an area far to cold for them. It generally occurs in the environments of other biomes, if a flamekin tries travelling their without taking the proper precautions. However, during particularly harsh winters, sometimes simply moving outside of their caldera in the emberpeaks is cold enough to trigger the onset of the condition.


The symptoms of this condition start with a simple shivering. Then, to heat up the internal organs, the warmth of the flamkin's body will consolodate in their centre. This throws off their balance, causes them to move more slowly, and causes their skin to lose some of its glow. From this stage, the flamekin with have a craving for more metallic foods, as their brains start to signal that their body needs more nutrients (without specifying that the needed nutrients come from heat). The lack of nutrients to the brain will also cause the flamekin to experience hallucinations, usually in the form of percieved premonitions about the future. As the condition progresses, the metals within the flamekin's digestive system will start to cool and return to a sold state. This also causes them to expand, filling and eventually rupturing the internal organs of the flamkin. It is at this point that the flamekin dies, but the metal will continue to expand. By the end of the process, their body becomes almost a statue version of themselves, made of whatever metals that the flamekin had most recently eaten.


In the earlier stages of the condition, there is treatment that can be administered. This typically involves using some sort of external heating source to either slow or stop the condition's progression. However, most external heat sources found outside of the emberpeaks are not nearly as hot as the flamekin's natural habitat near the caldera, and so will not do much to reverse the progress of the condition. In order to fully reverse the condition, usually submerging oneself into the lava of one of the calderas will suffice.
Affected Species


When travelling into areas of much lower temperature than the emberpeaks, flamekin must take precautions so as not to cool off. Heat suits are often used for this purpose, as they are suits that use a mix of magic and electricity to warm the occupent to high temperatures.

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