Faylin Walker

Faylin Andrea Walker (a.k.a. Taylen Anderson)

Physical Description

Special abilities

She has the power to manipulate others to do and think what she wants.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Faylin was born during Kaitlyn Walker and Alem Johnson's semi-brief love affair. Alem left Kaitlyn shortly after Valentine's Day, and he didn't know Faylin existed. Kaitlyn moved with Faylin back to her hometown, Phoenix, and raised her alone.   When Faylin was about twelve, she realized she had mind-manipulative powers. Not a Potent herself, Kaitlyn grudgingly called ex-boyfriend Jeevan Kronus for help teaching Faylin how to control her powers, though she'd cut off contact with her Elect friends over a decade before.   Faylin and Jeevan got along well, and Faylin honed her powers to a fine point under his tutelage. Jeevan always kept distance from Kaitlyn and Faylin, though, and as soon as Faylin's learning was complete he returned to his place with the Elect.   In her teen years, while working on her powers, Faylin followed her mother into modeling and rose quickly into a well-known name. Whether that was pure talent or there was manipulation involved remains a point of speculation.   In college, Faylin majored in journalism and minored in French, looking toward a job in politics or espionage. She followed this up with a major in political science, then spent several years returning to her focus on modeling and using it to get into acting in Newbridge. When she failed to age they chalked it up to celebrity magic, but that only goes so far and she ducked out of the spotlight around 2366 at age 49.   She returned to Phoenix and flew under the radar until about 2391, when she re-emerged upon hearing her father had become mayor of Newbridge. Moving back to Newbridge herself, she kept an eye on him while working at the Newbridge Gazette as a reporter. She continued to bide her time until Alem became president in 2415, at which point she introduced herself and convinced him that she would be an asset at Grantech. Thus began her ultimate career as a manipulator on her father's behalf. She ended up assisting Alem's new lover and publicist, Harper Moreau, with Grantech's public image by manipulating reporters; convincing people to volunteer as test subjects for Grantech; and even adding several more Potent to her father's side.


Faylin was public schooled through 6th grade, at which point she began homeschooling so she could fit in her modeling. Her secondary education included both a journalism major and a political science major. She started learning French in middle school and carried that through the rest of her life, adding Russian while she studied political science.   She was trained to use her Potency by Jeevan Kronus from ages twelve to seventeen.   She's also fostered a well-rounded knowledge of literature and history, both Concordian and Old World.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks



Religious Views

Date of Birth
November 16th, 2317
Year of Birth
2317 133 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
She was conceived by accident and Alem left before he even knew she existed.
Phoenix, formerly-Arizona
Current Residence
Caramel brown with blonde highlights
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
131 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
She's fluent in English, French, and Russian.
Character Prototype
Nina Theroux


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