The Rat Market

The Rat Market is a district of Osenard. It's located on the southwestern quarter of the city, where many people live in makeshift shacks made from scrap metal, stone and wood. Here you'll find all manner of criminals - thieves, pickpockets, smugglers, and even murderers. There are several gangs operating here, such as the Venomscale and the Dyre Gang.
  The Rats have their own gang too: the Black Rat Pack. They're led by the infamous criminal Maluki the Echo. They keep an eye on the orphans and widows of the Rat Market, and negotiate deals with the city council and Iron Priesthood to keep them out of district affairs as much as possible. The decentralized organization of the district and the autonomy of its residents is largely thanks to Maluki's machinations. He keeps the good-natured people safe while simultaneously making sure that they don't get in his way.
  Despite the name, there aren't actually any rats in the market. Instead, it's named after the ramshackle buildings and poor masses that live there. In fact, the only rats you'll see here are those who've been kept for food or as pets.
  The Rat Market has its own church, called the Church of Saint Yrsa. In this place, you can find the Whispering Lady, who offers her services to those with a secret. She also sells potions and poisons.
  The market itself is home to The Polyarmory and The Devil's Orchard, among the many stalls selling food, herbs, potions, and other goods.
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