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Ereset A world of songs, stories, and stars.

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Ereset is a world of dark fantasy with a disarming aesthetic. Songs bolster the hearts of the weary, stories remind us to seize moments of joy in our darkest days, and the stars share glimpses of a design so grand that even the Immortals are just part of a much bigger plan.   Metal towers rise from the Wormlands throughout the Overworld. Devils make their homes in these towers. Their emergence from the depths of the world of Ereset is said to be the source of all monsters. The Iron Priesthood worships them and swear vows to the evil lords within. Most people, though, make their sacred sigils and hurry along their way when they travel. The towers do not tarnish and can withstand even the sharpest of steel without marks. There is no known method for destroying them.   Before the current sapients had spread across the Overworld, another species lived there. The ruins and lost places of these ancient beings dot the countryside across the planet. Things of fantasy and of nightmare lie within. Adventurers who brave the dangers of the Marrow can unlock or unleash wonder and terror upon the world in equal measure.   The world is filled with danger. The undead crawl up from the Marrow, echoing the last words of lost loved ones as mortals send them back to The Pit. Necromancers plague the world with their zombie hordes and armies of night creatures. Demons are summoned from The Pit by foolish mortals. Angels come to pass judgment on anyone their Immortal declares unfit to live. Great beasts and dragons darken the skies and dominate the plains. Ancient monstrosities long forgotten rise out of the Marrow and the Wormlands.   Each community belongs to a Circle. Some powerful Circles might include a cluster of settlements or may even become a state. People trade and war with other Circles with the help of Wardens and other such groups dedicated to keeping the roads clear. Noble families and other such authoritarian leaders control many large Circles. Elder councils and elected officials tend to govern the smaller communities. In others, the Iron Priesthood's devil lords rule with an iron fist.   Magic seems to be everywhere in this world, but few mortals can wield and shape it. Those that can are feared, adored, and respected. They use magic to fight, heal, and manipulate the world around them. Only about one in ten thousand people have any talent with magic at all, and most that do only know one or two spells. The kind of magic an adventurer can do is almost unheard of in all but the largest settlements of the Overworld.   The Wardens are the shield against the monsters and the dead. They serve their Circle by guarding the walls, patrolling the roads, and training militias. Most have strong ties to their community and stay nearby. Others dedicate themselves to preserving a sacred site and leave their home to fulfill their oath. Wardens are trained to defend themselves against monsters, bandits, and the undead. They learn how to recognize signs of danger and what weapons will work best against each type of monster. Their knowledge is vast, as they maintain libraries full of lore about every creature they encounter. This makes them invaluable guides and teachers.   The Immortals rule over the spheres and domains of magic. They make themselves known through manifestations and miracles. They grant power to clerics and champions to carry out their will on the Overworld. Some may even walk among the mortals. The Immortals' powers come from their connection to their spheres and domains. They give strength to those who worship them and offer protection to the faithful. The worship of mortals gives them life and quintessence with which to further shape the world.