Osenard is a large city located near the center of the northwest continent. It was founded by miners and Coven loyalists. The city has since grown into a major trading center for the iron and steel products produced by the local smiths. Its population consists mostly of merchants and artisans, but there are also many soldiers stationed at its military bases. Osenard's economy is based on processing iron ore and trading metal goods to other cities and nations.
  The most notable feature of Osenard is the massive Great Forge that dominates the skyline. This enormous structure produces weapons and armor for the city's army as well as for trade with other nations. In addition, it serves as a symbol of the city's power and wealth. Many people come from far away just to see this impressive sight. The Great Forge serves as a holy site for The Iron Priesthood.


The city is primarily made up of Starborn, Vulpen, Elves, and Goblins. Nearly any sort of person can be found here, though.   The Starborn in Osenard are made up primarliy of Coven expats. The younger generations consider themselves to be Osenardian.   Most of the Elves in the city are ex-Testri members.


Osendard is ruled by a council of elected representatives from each city district, with a non-elected official from the Iron Priesthood presiding over council meetings. Each representative holds one vote in the council, and the Iron Priest votes only when there is a tie. The council members are chosen by vote every year.


Osenard has stone walls that protect the majority of the houses. A company of 72 full-time soldiers lead the defense of the city and rally a militia in times of trouble.

Industry & Trade

Iron, steel, gems, stone, tools, arms and armor, timber, furs, and leather make up the majority of trade in Osenard. Ironmongers are chief among them, as the city is known for its quality metal and metalwork.


The Old District, The Southside, The Moon Square, The Stoneway, The Breadmile, The Rat Market, Redhall, and Stormside.

Guilds and Factions

The Iron Priesthood presides over the city council through its financial influence.
The Testri influence on the city is still felt, even decades after their expulsion.
The various criminal organizations in the Rat Market have allied themselves under a mysterious leader known only as Lady Diamond.


Osenard was established as a strategic mining colony by the Teneborean Coven in order to secure the rich iron ore of the region. The Free Miners and the Coven Loyalists made for uneasy allies at the start of the city's founding.   In the early years, the city was sieged and captured by the Testri. They governed the city for many years, but were expelled by the Free Miners.   The Coven went to war against the city over mining rights in the Red Highlands and won. The Free Miners eventually dissolved due to the miners not trusting them to defend their livelihood.   During an economic downturn, the Iron Priesthood came to the city and offered immense financial aid. Since then the Priesthood holds sway over much of the legal matters in Osenard.

Points of interest

The Polyarmoury, The Devil's Orchard


The city rests on the plains and covers an area of approximately one hundred and fifty-three acres.

Natural Resources

Wood and sacred fruits from the Esder Forest. Iron, gems, and stone from the Red Highlands. Crops from the Pelden Meadows.
Founding Date
The 20th day of the Stranger's Month, 12,794
Alternative Name(s)
The Iron City
Inhabitant Demonym
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