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The Polyarmory

The Polyarmory is a smithy and shop for general adventuring gear in Osenard. It is run by three romantic partners. They are all very skilled at what they do, but their relationship is strained due to the nature of their work. They are rarely all together at the same time during the day, and they become melancholy when they are apart. Edelweiss is always singing while she makes armor, while Naraya has an unhealthy obsession with knives. Isra is usually quiet and reserved, but she's also quite talented when it comes accounting and managing the store. The trio often gets into arguments over who is the most talented smith of the three and will compete for a patron's commission. The competition is always friendly, but the tension between them can feel intense to outsiders. Despite this, they still love each other deeply, and will try to help one another out whenever possible.   The Polyarmory carries a large variety of weapons, armor, and adventuring gear. All sorts of metal armor, swords, axes, polearms, tools and more can be found here. Isra sources leather and cloth gear from local artisans. She also sells exotic magical items such as enchanted rings, wands, and scrolls. The Polyarmory offers a wide selection of foodstuffs, including dried meats and fruits, as well as breads and hardtack. There is also a small apothecary section where customers can find healing potions, ointments, salves, and other medicines.   The shop started as a general store run by Isra. She preferred adventurers as her clientele and focused her business on keeping them well-stocked, and in turn she often got first look at the rare materials that adventurers brought back from monster lairs. After a few years she met Naraya, a skilled blacksmith who was looking for a place to practice her craft. She offered to work for Isra and maintain the building. Isra liked having someone of such strength and stature to help with the maintenance. After years of working together and sharing many laughs, Naraya crafted a steel ring with a sliver of Pillar Metal set as a gem and proposed to Isra. The two were married shortly after.   Edelweiss came along soon after. She was a well-known armorer even before she came to Osenard. Isra sought her out in the hopes of enticing her to work at her shop. Edelweiss had been struggling financially since her family passed away and was deep in debt to the Iron Priesthood. Isra offered to pay off her debts in exchange for a year of metalsmith work and some help managing the store. Over time they grew close and began dating. Edelweiss helped Isra manage the shop and take care of the finances. Naraya also grew close to Edelweiss, the two spending many hours together at the forge.   The three eventually decided to be a triad of wives. Someone made a joke at their wedding about their store being the 'polyarmory' and the name just stuck after that.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
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