The Dripping Kitty

The Dripping Kitty is a maid cafe that sells water ice, applejack, and ice beer. It's located in the Moon Square district near the northern gate. The owner is a young Grimalkin named Lalina who runs the shop with her friend Murahi. She wears a white dress and has long black hair tied into two ponytails. Her friend Murahi wears a red dress and has short white hair.   Lalina and Murahi have been friends since they were kids. When they were younger, they would play together all day and never get tired of it. Their parents always told them to be more serious about life, but they couldn't understand why. That's when they decided to open up a business where they could enjoy themselves as much as possible.   Lalina makes potions and flavorings for water ice out of the fruits and herbs she finds at the market. Murahi used frost magic to make an endless source of shaved ice and trains the maids to take care of guests. They both work hard every day so that everyone can have fun!   Murahi hates the lewd nickname that the townsfolk have given her establishment, but Lalina thinks it's funny and adds a little sexy mystique to the cafe.
Cafe / Tearoom
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