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The "Land of Depths and Heights" - Wulvaral - the Westland is considered either the smallest of the central continents of Eramon or the world's largest island. In actual area it is not much smaller than that occupied by Valderia, but girt by sea on all sides. Ancient seismic activity pushed the centre of Wulvaral's mass into a cluster of long-dead volcanic plateaus surrounded by sheer, jagged granite mountains. With these spaces providing isolated but defensible positions to build settlements on, although with little space for viable farmland, the people of Wulvaral turned in two directions; up and down.  
Wulvaral is a place of soaring, dizzying altitude and gravity; gothic spires sprout from the craggy teeth of mountains above a sea of fluffy white clouds, elegant sky-bridges connect settlements and riders on winged mounts dot the skies traveling from one lofty city to another.
  The people of Wulvaral are primarily the race of elves known as Sky Elves, numerous mountain and seaside dwelling human tribes, and a large population of dwarves and gnomes who make the insides of the same mountains their home. Wulvaral is honeycombed with mines, halls and delves belonging to the hardy dwarvish folk, and gnomish communities whirr with invention and creativity. It is said that the belly of Wulvaral is never quiet; it rings with the hammers of the dwarves and the clockwork gears of the gnomes like the growling digestion of a great sleeping beast.    The people of Wulvaral are well known as being the kind to work hard and play harder and passionately and patiently - sometimes fanatically - dedicated to whatever project consumes them. This is said to manifest in those dwelling in the highest mountains - collectively known as "Skyfolk" regardless of their race - in a lofty attitude, detachment from the worries of the world, and airy pursuit of arts and philosophy in contemplation of the gods, whilst in the "Deepfolk" beneath the mountains an obsessive craftsmanship, technological genius and stubborn determination to innovate.   With farming and grazing resources thin and travel between the mountainous terrain difficult, Wulvaral folk of all sorts have had to rely on ingenuity; the sea provides for coastal communities, and the waters around the continent teem with fisherfolk, but inland the plateaus have been divided up meticulously for terrace-style agriculture and the Deepfolk have learned to cultivate subbterranean produce such as fungus-farms and domesticated giant burrowing insects.   Despite stark cultural differences between the dwellers of depths and heights, the occupants of Wulvaral recognise the need for cooperation in their challenging environment and freely trade with each other - though much more reluctantly with outsiders. Wulvaral is so efficiently defended and its inhabitants so adept at using the terrain to their advantage both in tactics and fortification that it has never been conquered or successfully invaded in all its long history.
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