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Nirn ~ (n) antiquated Dwarvish slang for "Gnome"   Wuhr ~ (n) onomatopoeic Dwarvish slang for an autonomous or semi-autonomous mechanical or clockwork device   "The Gnome Machine" or "The City that Whirs", Nirnwuhr is a hive of industry and invention, gathering specialist materials from deep within Wulveral (and, where necessary, throughout known Eramon) to fashion into mechanical golems, clockwork mining drones, elaborate timepieces, and whatever else has sprung from the creativity of its inhabitants at the time. Many workshops are outfitted with mechanical assistance, as indeed is much of the infrastructure of the city, making it difficult to tell where the city and its inhabitants end and the newest products of their industriousness begin.   It is also a city that never sleeps; far below ground, waking hours are when the inspiration strikes, and sleeping hours are when it peters out, creating a chaotic affront to the circadian rhythm (if a familiar one to the obsessive creatives of the world).   Inventions from the deep halls of Nirnwuhr can be found throughout Wulvaral, even as far as the outposts of the Great Delve, where specialist commissions help the Dwarves of Wulvaral push back the frontiers of the deep, deep underground.

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