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A world once ruled by the primordial might of Giants and Dragons. A world saved by the Gods of the Wheel , patrons of the races known as the Godsworn. A world ravaged by the power unleashed when the Godsgate opened, and the Gods vanished in the Calamity that began the Age of Terror.   A world scarred by mighty elemental magics that have left the lands and their peoples touched by the primal forces of nature and otherworldly invasions. A world encrusted with the crumbling remains of long-forgotten empires. A world threatened by the crawling horror of Undeath, the anomalies of unstable magic and incursions from rifts to other planes, by greed and politics, tyranny and war...   Yet what others call an age of despair, you call an age of opportunity.   Where others huddle in their cottages and cower in their castles, you crave the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the spells on your tongue and the steel in your grip. Where others see the ruins of lost empires and temples to long-dead gods, you see marvelous treasures to plunder, deadly traps to elude, and powerful magics to claim. Where others see horrifying monsters and ruthless villains to dread, you see bounties to collect.   This turbulent age is your golden hour, and people like you - the intrepid, the wild, and the reckless - will shape the fate of the world for good or for ill...   If it doesn't kill you first.  

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