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Eramon: The Godsgate Saga

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Eramon
19th August, 2018 | Full
Eramon is an ancient world wracked by the loss of its gods and the crumbling of its great civilizations a thousand years in the past during the Godsgate calamity. In the present age, fragile and volatile new kingdoms bloom from the dust and ruins of the old, and the motley descendants of the refugees, invaders and survivors of a waning dark age must find a way to face threats of both past and future if they are to build a better life. But those threats are many, and who better to conquer them for fun and profit than the new breed of hero - the Adventurer?

This story is told by



  • Valderia
Supporting Cast
  • Duke Karquiolle of Muskratte
    An eccentric, congenial madman who is all that remains of a once-grand noble family.
  • Tarius Belve
    The formal, restrained elven majordomo of House Caravielle

Sessions Archive

14th Oct 2021

Session 43 - On the Witch's Trail

The Protagonists


Liliko'i Ohia Lehua

Alston Folkor Doublelock