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The mightiest and most primordial of the terrestrial inhabitants of Eramon, the Dragons are nature's wrath incarnate, gigantic, intelligent, and inherently magical beasts whose powerful breath weapons, penchant for hoarding great treasures, and larger-than-life personalities are the only common thread in an otherwise diverse menagerie of awe-inspiring reptilian titans.   The Dragons were some of the first inhabitants of Eramon, ruling supreme for ages uncounted leading up to that misty era known as the Age of Dreams. Whether benevolent overseers, tyrannical overlords, or indifferent surveyors of their lands, the Dragons controlled vast swathes of territory from their remote lairs and commanded the awe, respect and fear of all living creatures falling beneath the shadow of their wings.   Even the proud and fearsome Giants, perhaps the first 'humanoid' beings on Eramon, toiled beneath the dragons' yoke for a time, working as their slaves and labourers to construct towering monoliths and forge magnificent treasures to give as tribute in their honour; some scholars believe this was the origin of the draconic fascination with treasures, a race-memory of their domination of the world that has never faded from habit.   The Giants, in turn, were served by the peaceful and considerably tinier Firstfolk, who tended their herds and managed their households. When the Dragons, weakened by long eras of hubris and growing paranoia and greed, were finally turned upon by the Giantkin in what became known as the Primal War, the Firstfolk found themselves caught in the crossfire.   Fortunately, the coming of the Gods of the Wheel answered their prayers, perhaps literally. The Dragons and Giants were both defeated and driven back by the power of the interloping Gods, and the Firstfolk freed from their bondage. In the ensuing Age of Wonders the Dragons and Giants faded into myth and folklore and were considered to have been driven into oblivion...   ...however, when the The Godsgate Calamity broke the power of the Godsworn kingdoms and the Age of Terror began, rumours began to swirl. Livestock disappearing. Fields, or whole villages burned. Children vanished. Remote outposts and settlements terrorised by the beating of great wings and chilling, primeval roars echoing through the mountains, the forests, the swamps, the snow...   And though many such tales bubbled up and dispersed during the chaos of that monstrous era, when the rifts closed and the extraplanar invasions of the Age of Terror passed into nightmare folklore, the tales of great reptilian beasts who speak deviously with the tongues of men, breathe death from their terrible jaws, and have an insatiable appetite for both carnivorous meals and rare treasures continued to spread...   Whispers that the old enemies of the Gods had seen their chance to return and reestablish their dominance...that the Age of Dragons would come again.

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