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The Godsgate Calamity

The single greatest and darkest event in Eramon's history, the Godsgate Calamity occurred at the shining peak of the Glorium Hominium's power, when the Court of High Temples completed construction of the Godsgate in the far northeast of the Central Continents, in what was once Glorium's capital, Shining Faith, and undertook a ritual to open the gate as per the Gods' decree.   The exact detail of what transpired that day is the subject of a thousand different myths across Eramon, but most contain a few common elements; the Gate was completed, the ritual begun, and the Gods or their avatars upon the mortal plane appeared in person, and formed a procession to pass through the Gate.   The moment the Gate was opened and the Gods passed through, however, a terrible disaster struck. Here is where the legends become murky; in some, one God (whose identity varies) betrays the others and entraps them within a magical curse. In others, a monstrous and unknowable enemy enters through the Gate and assaults the Gods, who expend their powers and perish in a final bold stand.   The truth is perhaps lost forever, for the moment of the Gate's collapse and the disappearance of the Gods was also the moment of cataclysm that shattered Glorium Hominium and tore up most of the Central Continents with unstable rifts to other worlds, planes and dimensions, plunging the entire world into centuries of chaos and horror known as the Age of Terror.
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