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Glorium Hominium

The Empire of Man founded in the Age of Wonders by Humans. Unlike many of the other great kingdoms of the age, this sprawling conglomeration of human-dominated states and kingdoms was not built by divine decree or guidance, but simply of the grand ambition and enthusiasm for expansion of humanity itself. Though it was by no means the only human culture or settlement on the world of Eramon, Glorium Hominium became the beating heart of human dominion over the Central Continents.   In this, it is said, Glorium Hominium brought full circle the "Gift of Zys", when the Cold Mother cut in half the lifespan of her Godsworn to create the Human race. Her much-despised Gift, according to the legend, gave humanity the drive, ambition and thirst to leave a mark on the world in their brief time that forged the wonders of the Glorium.   Glorium Hominium was the focal point of The Godsgate Calamity and was utterly destroyed in that disaster, reducing human population to a handful and shattering the cultural unity and identity that the Empire had formerly built. Its lonely, faded ruins are still scattered across Eramon, haunting reminders of the glory and hubris of Mankind in the age when gods walked the world; its relics and artifacts are the most sought-after treasures of their descendants in this new age of adventure...

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