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Descendants of a once-vast civilization ruled by their pantheon of Gods, the humans of Eramon fell from greatness when their empire was destroyed - and their Gods seemingly with it - in The Godsgate Calamity. Others arrived through rifts from other worlds, particularly the settlers of the mist-shrouded continent of Sukima  Humans can be found on every continent, though they are relatively sparse in the lands of Ezzuth and Wulvaral the bulk of the population of Sukima, Qadoris and Valderia are human born and bred. In a harsh world, humans are rugged survivors who have climbed back to prosperity from devastation. They now share their homelands with a multitude of other races, sometimes peacefully, sometimes in conflict.   As they make their lives within the world, never are they far from reminders of what they were and what they have lost, in the form of the ruins and relics of their former glory, carved into the landscape around them...

Basic Information


Humans are bipedal primates standing somewhere between five and six feet tall when fully grown, with some exceptions.

Growth Rate & Stages

Humans reach maturity in their late teens and generally live between 30 and 60 years within the harsh environment of Eramon, with some exceptional individuals living up to a century. They are regarded by the other Godsworn races as unfortunately short-lived; this is known colloquially as the "Gift of Zys".

Ecology and Habitats

Adaptable, tenacious, and breeding quickly in relation to most other humanoid species, humans can be found anywhere on Eramon with a climate habitable to their species and in many places one would never expect them to survive. Masters at adapting their environments to suit their needs, humans can carve out a living almost anywhere, though their lifestyles and cultures are also inevitably shaped by their environment in return. Humans are industrious and gregarious, and have an unfortunate tendency to over-exploit resources when their resourcefulness goes unchecked by the wisdom of tradition and respect for the land. Some other species consider them to be little more than noisy, dangerous vermin.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans of Eramon typically have five senses similar to those of terrestrial humans; sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Some humans, whether through mixed bloodlines with otherworldly beings or latent exposure to powerful arcane energies, typically during the Age of Terror, carry hidden magical potential. Others can learn to harness the powers of magic through study and experience or through bonding to mystical artifacts.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens eramonsis
Ascalean, Qadoric, Silversea Islander, Sukima-jin, Tamuzite, Valderian, Vreldith.
Conservation Status
Humans were once the most populous of the Godbound races of Eramon. With the Godsgate Calamity and the fall of the Empire of Man, Glorium Hominium, their numbers plummetted. The humans extant now are the hardy survivors of the Calamity and the Age of Terror, scattered in small settlements across wild lands like Tamuz and the Midkingdoms or gathered into vibrant young kingdoms like Valderia, they are slowly restoring what once they had, but the road is long, and competition far more fierce than it once was...

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