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Across the Silversea, the South Continent broods in dark and seething mystery. Ezzuth, the Dreaming Land, is a seemingly endless expanse of impenetrable jungles broken only by jagged, primeval mountains in fantastical formation, smoking volcanoes, and the serpentine veins of great and nameless rivers.   Monsters and animals extinct for aeons elsewhere in the world roam with impunity, lost tribes wander through the vine-choked ruins of forgotten civilizations, and great herds thunder across the wild and windswept plains spreading deep beyond the jungle's encircling wings. Here is Nature's domain, teeming with life in myriad and uncountable forms, where no king or army holds sway.  
Untold wealth of riches and resources lies untapped here, luring the greedy eyes of many of the other nations of Eramon...yet conquest has slipped their grasp, much like the bleeding entrails of would-be conquerors dying on the jungle floor far from home in the teeth of terrifying predators.
  For that is the fate most often found by those who seek to exploit Ezzuth; and to be devoured by the beasts of the mortal world is a blessing compared to the other option - for Ezzuth is also home to gateways to otherworlds inhabited by the Fey Folk and other strange and otherwordly entities.   These spirits, seelie, unseelie, or simply Unknown, prowl the swamps, forests, plains and jungles of this wild land in forms both fair and foul...woe betide intruders who fall afoul of their whims and wiles. Here, mysterious conclaves of Dragonborn meet within the high mountains, where, it is rumoured, the Dragons themselves still hold their arrogant dominion.   Tribes of roaming Goliaths herd giant prehistoric beasts beneath the monstrous trees, and wild jungle Orcs and Goblins wage savage and eager warfare against any challengers in their territory. The Lizardfolk, Serpentfolk, and others are said to have built ancient empires here, hidden invisibly amid the foliage, and many of these prosper still.   The Dreaming Land, the Green Hell, the Unconquerable Domain, is a place of both unfettered adventure and unimaginable peril, yet it, too, holds a multitude of native peoples who call legendary Ezzuth their home.

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