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A widespread race of strong sailors, raiders and conquerors who came from across the seas and brought their goblinoid allies with them from a distant shore and a dreadful, unnamed catastrophe that drove them from their old home. Orcs are renowned as some of the fiercest warriors on Eramon, wild, rowdy frontier fighters always thirsty to test their fortunes in battle or in ambitious projects of settlement, prospecting, trade and industry.    Orcs in modern Eramon are renowned for their harsh, survivalist practicality, their bottomlessly fierce racial pride, their fighting prowess, their skill at manufacturing arms, and their ruthless thirst for expansion and the finding of fortune. Orcs are always mining, logging and building, without the forethought of some of the other cultures and always in service of progress and prosperity.    This progress-oriented outlook has led to both ingenious advancements such as gunpowder and mining technologies and to horrendous cultural atrocities as Orcs steamroll over other peoples and trample their time-honoured customs and beliefs underfoot. To the Orcs, the past, like everything else, is a resource ripe for the plunder.   In battle orcs may not be the most organized, tending toward a rough, jostling hierarchy and charging horde-like tactics, but their mighty physical prowess, warrior instinct and unmatched ferocity make them among the most feared fighting forces in the world.

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