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Diminutive, whimsical, and capricious as they are elsewhere, Goblins are among the most populous races on Eramon. Goblins breed like rabbits, and seem to set up small communities absolutely everywhere, whether it be in caves, forests or dungeons in the wilderness or in the slums of mighty cities, where they are treated as vermin by some or honed into master rogues by more intrepid minds.    Cunning and adaptable but simultaneously possessed of both canny survivalist instincts and a lackadaisical, uncontrollable urge to perilous mischief that borders on suicidal, Goblins excel wherever there's trouble to be made.    Whilst wild populations of Goblins exist as feral, explosive menaces on the fringes of other societies, when intermingled with other peoples Goblins undergo a cultural shift, their fascination with the flotsam and gadgetry and the material 'stuff' produced by other creatures swiftly becoming an obsession.    No other beings on Eramon are quite as good at hoarding, collecting, stealing, and adapting the detritus of humanoid societies as the humble Goblin. Hideous but marvelous technological wonders have been created at their hands from the junkyard remains tossed aside by other civilisations. With such volatile creations at their disposal, a Goblin companion can be a boon or a disaster to any band of adventurers whether friend or foe...

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