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A land swathed in mist and green, gradient mountains rising from the gloom beyond the gates of ancient shrines to millions of gods, a land where feudal lords are served by ferociously loyal samurai and rice-farmers sweat in the humid rain, where mountain hermits hear the laughter of crow-demons in the wind and stealthy shadows flit past paper screens on silent feet to deliver death for unseen masters.   A land founded by travelers claiming to have come from a far-off world and time, who call their new homeland Sukimashima, the Island Within The Gap, and revere ancient traditions whilst adapting to their new surroundings.   The peoples of Sukima rarely make war outside their homeland, but are famous across all Eramon for their highly disciplined mercenaries. For in this dangerous new world, those who lose their honour and become ronin may find redemption overseas as a new breed of samurai who fight for coin...and for secrets and clues to the outer world to return to their homeland and the ears of their honoured lords.   The courts of Sukima are a complex hierarchy of powerful clans whose fortunes wax and wane with the favor of their divine Emperor and his closest confidants, and are as rife with intrigue and as perilous for the unwary or the brash as any feud between scheming mages of Qadoris or poisonous nobles of Valderia.    The great Eastern Continent has grown wealthy in trade and industry and is a powerful and self-sufficient player among the feuding empires of Eramon. The Sukimajin appear to have originated from 'the gap' entirely as a human culture, but have intermingled over time with Elves, Gnomes , Dwarves and Orcs native to Eramon, though to a far lesser extent than the melting-pot kingdoms across the Silversea. It is nonetheless not unusual to see Half-Elves with Sukimajin features or a bearded, grizzled Orcish samurai serving a powerful daimyo.    These races of Eramon are, however, not the only denizens of Sukima. For when the Sukimajin appeared in this troubled world shortly after the Godsgate Calamity, it appears they were followed by the spirits of their home world's folklore and ghost-story. Foxes smirk from behind human features and hide their multiple tails; tengu caw in the mountain heights and kappa lurk in the fast-flowing rivers.   Seamen whisper in dread of the funayuurei and the monstrous bulk and lamp-like eyes of the umibozu. Few lands are as haunted as the Isle Within The Gap, and their multitidinous and bizarre monsters have a name that also hails from the old world; Yokai...

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